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Arcane Schools : Abjuration | Conjuration | Divination | Enchantment | Evocation | Illusion | Necromancy | Transmutation

Psionic Disciplines : Clairsentience | Metapsionics | Psychokinesis | Psychometabolism | Psychoportation | Telepathy

Magic is used by characters of all kinds to affect the world around them in a wide range of ways, whether through spellcasting or the use of magical artefacts or potions. There are two main types of magic on Avlis:

  • Mortal Magic: This is used by sorcerers, wizards and bards of the mortal races. who draw their power from an invisible vortex of energy that permeates the entire world of Avlis, called the Vortex of Mortal Magic. This vortex is controlled by the goddess Andria.
  • Deific Magic: This is used by deities, clerics, spirits, and other divine beings. Deities draw their magical energy directly from the Deific Vortex, which is controlled by no single god. Every cleric who wants access to the power of the Deific Vortex will have to go through a deity. When a cleric casts spells up to 3rd level there is almost always a deity willing to answer their prayers, even if the cleric has not dedicated themselves to a single god. But to cast more powerful spells a cleric needs to have sworn themselves to single specific deity. In game, this means there must be a (correctly spelled) deity in your deity field when you cast a spell of higher level than 3, and you must have exactly the same alignment as your deity. You can change your deity field either in game or at character creation.

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