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Post-Frost Ice Cave Events

  • (01/29/05) The Shadow of the Void is destroyed - The undead power hiding in the Ice Caves who attacked both Mikona and the fire giants, which brought about the lasting treaty between the two, is destroyed by members of the Council of Balance, the Reavers of Maleki, the Ebony Order, the Sword of Toran, and the Blue Order.
  • (10/31/04) High Reaver Kellid D'Prey begins motions to come to a formal treaty with Tollgaroth., The Fire Giants press for a treaty after attacks by the Shadow of the Void threaten both them and the City of Mikona. In later attacks, the Shadow reveals it is seeking a powerful item left by Sorvanok in the Mikona Underdark.

Frost Giants and the Cols Snap