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Tollgaroth's Leaving

Post-Sorvanok and the Second Alliance

Sorvanok Era and the First "Truce"

  • (04/18/04) Sorvanok Defeated - The Lich Sorvanok who resided deep in the underdark below Mikona, and who sought godhood is finally defeated by the cooperation of scores of adventurers. A momnument comemmorating this is erected outside the City's gates. Notable at the time: Tollgaroth is turned away from the assault by Kharak Hammerstar, a member of the Order of Gorethar.
  • (02/08/04) Fulfordis and his ice giants are found to be in league with Sorvanok. This leads to another attempt at a truce with Tollgaroth, since he has no desire to be destroyed by the lich.
  • (09/18/03) Tollgaroth attacks Mikona again - As will become a repeated theme in Mikonian history, Tollgaroth's promise of a truce is broken. Many question whether it is his nature to do so, or if Mikonian adventurers broke the truce first.
  • (09/15/03) First indication that Tollgaroth may be willing to come to terms with Mikona - As Mikona is suffering from Sorvanok's assaults as well as Sereg raids, many are hopeful of this possibility.

Tollgaroth's War Against Mikona