Mikona Spiders

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By Frannie Mouze

I was standing by the rock, singing for a boy
The day was calm, comfortable, with a hint of rain-
From inside the gates, came the sounds of a struggle
Then we heard screams, like someone was in pain.

Off we ran, everyone that had gathered
Inside the gates, we hurried, casting as we went
Spiders, lil tiny things, climbing all over everything
Coming from the sewers… so we all began a descent.

Deep below the city, far into the sewers,
we followed the trail, spiders of all shapes, colors, and sizes
deeper and deeper we inched,
Till we reached a place full of surprises.

The spiders got bigger, and magic unstable
The floors dispelled us of our protections
Then we met beasties as big as a stable
Spider cultists they said, you could see the connection.

The battle was fierce, it went on for ages
Everyone fought as hard as they could
The ones really hampered were the mages
At least their staves were made of wood.

The last few were bigger than our house
They took forever but they fell hard
We made our way out, though the usual louses
Finally we made it out to the courtyard.

To Kate’s house we went,
To wash off the ick and goo
Washing off the spider scent
And chatted a bit about the spiders we slewed.