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In his home city, Xal’Xantia is a name shrouded with as much mystery as infamy. Portrayed by the Angadarian clergy and politicians as a rebel, vagrant, and thief, they capture the essence of Xal’Xantia’s public façade. Little known to the Grantir populace, Xal is an Andrinorian magus of growing power, and has self-appointed himself to the position of Senior Magus in Red (due to his station, not one person has voiced a complaint). Xal is exceptionally clever, and is fond of manipulating his foes into embarrassing situations where he can not be directly blamed. He is skilled in both magic and traditional rogue arts, and is not afraid to rely on his wits instead of his magic to get him out of trouble. He comes across as very even-keeled. Xal is well composed, honest (at least to those who aren’t trying to persecture him), and fair tempered. His mischevious streak isn’t even apparent unless you are on the blunt end of one of his schemes. He serves both Red and the Trust well in Grantir, keeping close track of both Andrinorians (of all colors) and Red mages and Andrinorian devout. He is also heavily involved in the thieves guild presence there, where he is respected and maintains a massive information and racketeering network. He enjoys lending a helping hand, and making his foes baffled at his ability to get in and out of places without being noticed. He has been captured on a number of occasions, but is slippery and always manages to find a way out. A truly talented Red, Xal’Xantia will be a force to be reckoned with as he matures in the Order.