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Name: Adrienne Scarletwound
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Early 30's
Occupation: Solider/Mercenary
Class: Fighter
Faith: Senath
Claim to Fame:
Birthplace: Bullwark of The Seven Cities Confederation
Current Residence:



She stands near six feet and weighs as much as her plate if not more. Her hair is dreadlocked and tamed while her sword is polished and at the ready. Her armor is dressed properly and her is shield draped on her back. On her neck is a tattoo that seems to be the creed of the Confederate Military Academy of Bullwark.

Scared, tattooed, and certainly not a cuddler when it's over.



Born into a military family of the Bullwark military structure. Her family line fought for the confederation and modestly rose within ranks with each generation proving itself. Adreinne was no different. She followed in her family's history and attended the Confederate Military Academy before signing up with the Confederate Army of Bullwark for the better part of a decade. Where she was based on the border with Dubunat and at times saw heavy action. In her last action at the border, she took an ax to her helm that penetrated the reinforced metal and left her gravely wounded. Upon her company finding her after the battle ended and getting the White Necromancers of Uol to attend to her wounds. She found her way back in the fray the following season on the border. This was her world and what she understood.

After a decade of service and fulfilling her contract with the Confederate Army of Bullwark. She believed she would be offered an officer's contract and open her path to the Knights; where so many of her bloodline had served. In a turn of events, she wasn't offered even a contract at her current rank of Command Sergeant. Instead, it went to a young man fresh out of the Academy because of family ties. She was paid out for surviving the decade-long contract and retired in her prime. Her father pulled some strings and called in some favors and she was given a post at the Confederate Military Academy. Where she was given the rank of Instructor of Heavy Infantry, JG. After two years, she was made a full instructor after proving she not only remembered what she was taught but could teach it. While taking out students on a seasonal shakedown patrol before promoting them into the final year. They discovered signs of goblins and she took command from the students to ensure a safe retreat. As she did, a few students of higher family rank refused to follow the orders of an instructor when they themselves were officers of the academy. In the chaos of most of the students forming defensive lines and preparing to retreat. The ones refusing broke rank and sought glory against unknown numbers. The result was the loss of 36 of her 82 students in the action before the goblins retreated. Being duty-bound, she accepted the punishment for her failure to control the students and ensure their safety. This was stripped of rank followed by lashing to the count of 36 for each lost and 11 more for the generations of her family she dishonored; while in view of the students and her parents. A week later, she awoke at the hospital to discover she was no longer of the 'Rathmore' family and had been outcast by her own parents for the dishonor. She took the name Scarletwound due to the appearance of her back. When she was released by the healers, she took to traveling as a mercenary with the goal of heading south to the uncivilized lands she had heard about from others.