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Name: Alix Thronheart
Race: Half-Nymph
Gender: Female
Age: Early 20's
Occupation: Problem Solver
Class: Rogue
Faith: The'ton
Claim to Fame:
Birthplace: Blackwater Fenn, Seven Cities
Current Residence: "Yoofeh B'Edom V'Laban" at The Leaf and The Stone, Zvidureth, T'Nanshi


Tall, waifish, and very androgynous for a Half-Nymph (almost completely androgynous for other races) as you might have noticed. Her eyes are cold blue and when she speaks there is really isn't any trace of a fey accent to her words but a heavily learned accent from around the southeastern portion of The Seven Cities COndederation. Nothing about her seems flashy or even feyish but very pedestrian for one of her blood.

Those eyes! There something off. Maybe don't ask her if she was a member of the ITTY BITTY TITTY COMITTY in the Fenn. There is a decent chance she wasn't just a member but its president.



Half Nymph from the Blackwater Fenn. Her mother had a torrid affair with a stranded traveler in the wet season and Alix was the result. A decade or so later passes through and checks out that ass he tapped and finds out Alix is his and decides the Blackwater Fenn isn't a place for his daughter to be raised. So, he kidnaps her and takes her to Malekia as a status symbol to educate her in proper human ways and his own faith, for his own needs and desires. Figures when she of age, the elite will want to marry and he rises up. Unknown to poor stupid dad, while he pushes Malekie on her, she learned about fear and embraces The'Ton. At sixteen, she teaches her father about fear and whom he should have fear along by flaying him alive on their dining room table for the servants to find in the morning. As she traveled, as nymphs and their half-blooded ones do, they get followed with request after request of marriage and love everlasting. Those stupid enough to follow her find their throats slit after she had her fill of them and takes their crap.