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Full Name: Arcadia Dais
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Class: Sorcerer, Rouge.
Faith: Herself.
Where to find her: She is usually seen at the Vizimontium library studying for her magic exams, or following Deo around.

Where is started.... It all started when she woke up. With no memory of who or where she was. A tall but small built girl, awoke in a temple of Cha'reth. Her green eyes were slowly exposed as she opened them. The healers of Cha'reth were surprised to see that this fair haired young woman had woken. They say she was found in a attacked campsite during the war, wrapped in a blanket and a book in her pocket. The only idea of her identity is written in the book, no one is sure if this is her real name, but it is the one she uses until she finds the truth.