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Archibald Thel
Race: Human
Classes: Sorcerer/Wizard
Guild affiliations: Red Order of the Flame
Most active on server: Elysia
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Personality 2004-Mid 2009

For most of his years Archibald was generally viewed as a crazy obsessive-compulsive mage with tons of ideas and unique but bad solutions to problems. In general he was actually somewhat nice to people though never close enough to anyone to call them a friend. He was prone to fits of rage whenever he felt he was being mocked and insulted by others and often responded poorly to this. He rarely thought through the consequences of his actions as well many times to the detriment of himself or those around him. Even though it took ages for it to happen, something finally gave that caused all of this to change...

Present Day Personality

Work in progress...

Current Red Order Status

Archibald Thel is the founder of the Red Order of the Flame and to this day still retains membership. He currently holds no office of special importance in the Red Order. Word has it that he even deliberately attempts to avoid holding any position that would require responsibility in the order for some reason.

The True Past of Archibald

The following is as told by Archibald himself...

Archibald Thel: My original - my first name I was born with and given was Daladh Hessoun, son of a well-off Brekonese merchant family, and very very devout Valok followers, both human, though you would swear they were orcs inside from they way they lived and acted in their lives. I displayed a talent for sorcery at a young age by accident of distant heritage of some kind and birth. When my dad found out he beat me for it. Telling me that arcane magic was the way of uncultured heathens and demon worshipers. My mom didn't come to my defense. She was as devout and submissive to my dad as well. However, my castings were reflexive then and uncontrolled and each time it happened, he would beat me again. Eventually he just did it at random believing he could frighten it out of me. He even would tell me he would ignore the rules of inheritance and give his estate to my younger brother when he died if it kept on. Then one day when I was in my teens he was doing the same again. I raised my hands in defense and suddenly I had cast Burning Hands on accident. I left the side of his face burned and our home in flames. I fled while he clutched his face and grabbed his sword and vowed to kill me. My mom was yelling that she wished she never got pregnant with me.

I fled and lived homeless in the slums of Brekon, stealing and doing what I needed to get by. One day some servants of my father found me and approached me. They said my father had forgiven me for what I had done and I was welcome to return home and they bid me to follow . The two led me into an alley claiming it was a shortcut and led me into a dead end. When I was cornered they each pulled daggers and said they were sent to eliminate the blight upon the family name once and for all. One lunged for me and I extended my palm and cast out of instinct and panic again. I called forth an Ice Dagger spell point blank and had thrust it into the man's heart...The other servant fled in terror yelling that I was possessed and a demon. Looking down at my hands I felt the chilling blood flow out from his wound and over my hands as he slumped forward against me dead. Killing someone for the first time in my life when before I had been timid, even peaceful you could say. Everything just shattered then in my mind and I-he blacked out and Daladh died then.

Next thing I remembered I had somehow ended up in Elysia and was the man known as Archibald Thel and had these piercings and tattoos. That's my story.