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Name: Beatrix
Alias: Trica and Bella
Race: Half-Nymph1
Gender: Female
Age: Early 20's
Occupation: Dominatrix and Spiritualist
Class: Cleric
Faith: Zealot of Wilsash
Motto: "It's all a nightmare if you look at it from the right angle"
Claim to Fame: Taker of Teaspoons
Birthplace: Stalwart of The Seven Cities Confederation
Current Residence: The Phoenix Loft, Elysia
Business Intrest: The Wildest Dream with Adira at the Celeb ar' Malda, Nor'Seere


  • Temple of Wilsash, Novice Pastrix - Stalwart
  • The Tiara Theatre (Bordello) - Stalwart
  • Left Winger on the All Wilsash Temple Ball Team - Stalwart


Long, straight, pearlescence blonde hair falls from her head and frames her face as a frame does for a portrait. Her eyes are of purple hues and somber as she looks you over. Her skin is just a shade darker than her hair and to perfection. In fact, her whole body is perfection as she is undoubted of fey bloodlines and a well-selected human bloodline. Every measurement is perfectly taken and accounted for; though some would say she got extra lucky on the first measurement. Dangling right above that first measurement is a lovely necklace bearing the holy symbol of Wilsash and a Levena-shaped glittering ceramic by Helen Potter, that when the light hits it Levana does wax and wane in the light. Showing the cycles of the holiest Levena.

The is the Beatrix, who speaks in cheerful tones and with a slight Stalwart accent.


Formative Years

Born into the Fey families of the Blackwater Fenn and raised by her grandmother who disapproved of her daughter's liking of humans and elves that mixed and weakened their pure blood. Beatrix was a mostly forgotten child in the family. Even her cousins refused to acknowledge she was one of them. The point, when she was spoken of it was just "Beatrix" which is a play on her name in common tongue; no fey name, no family name. She would just wander the Blackwater Fenn and dream of what was beyond it and what it held for her. Little did she know, that as she developed into a young woman. That her grandmother had planned and was ready to act on those plans just like she did her brothers and sisters that came before her. Near the time of year that marked her naming day, which was uneventful when compared to her cousins, she was taken to by wagon on one of the trading trips to Stalwart. There she was cleaned up and dressed nicely before grandmother took her to several brothels and was inquiring about selling her but her asking price was high. Was around the fourth or fifth brothel that she realized her grandmother's plan and wandered off on her own.

As she explored the busy city and refused several offers of marriage and devoted love. As the day grew into the night, she found herself in front of the Wilsash Temple and entered it to listen to the prayers of the night. She stood there at the rear and slowly crept up into the middle as she listened to the sermon and prayers of the devoted. By the closing prayer, she was almost at the front and somewhat upset that it had ended. As others filed out, she went exploring and taking in the temple. When a priest asked her if she was scared, it was said she just smiled and shook her head with a smile. Then he asked her to tell him of a nightmare that scared her. She leaned in and whispered in his ear. What she whispered was never recorded but the priest remarked the hairs on the back of his neck went stiff. She asked about joining and learning and he allowed her to attend lectures and readings if she cleaned the temple and helped with meals. Two cycles later, beneath the fullness of Levana, she recited prayers and welcomed Wilsash into her life and soul as she bathed in the full glow of his most holy Levana.


Over the next year, she studied and even sermonized outside of some of the brothels and sometimes afterward with the women that worked the rooms; rumors have it she was working at one as a dominatrix specializing in turning dreams into nightmares by turning the tables on her clients and giving them more than they ever bargained for. As she study and spoke to others about the promise of Wilsash throughout the long summer with its short nights and into the autumn; she was getting noticed by her mentors and teachers at the temple. Soon enough she took on more duties ranging from listening to petitioners talking about what they saw in their nightmares or helping chart the cycles of Levana. Was at the Feast of the Long Night at High Winter that she was one of three novices asked to give prayers. Her prayer incited Levana and praised the glow she gave off as a guiding force behind nightmares. This is when she caught the eye of a priest that called himself Nightshade and he offered to teach her as his own novice in ritualistic ways of the faith. The priest and priestess spoke and the high priest granted it. Beatrix was now Nightshade's novice and he removed her from the temple and welcomed her into his home a district over. It is known that he was a strict teacher and expected perfection. Beatrix learned about mirror placement, ritual powders and chalks, and candles of various creative methods. Once she had the basics down, he would take her out on jobs where he offered the rich the pleasures of the adventures' life; which to them was a nightmare. Be it facing the goblin hordes of Jorbaren's Peak or delving into The Shifting Woods where nothing is as it seems. He would remark to her that the rich are fucking spineless and scare easy and love it. Soon she realized this was true as she was bumping into them days and weeks later as they claimed their 'adventures' were real. Her work was simple, prepare the area, make them comfortable, draw the runes and trace the circles, light the candles, and then leave the room. She would roam the house of their host and admire the artwork or be amazed by their libraries and wonder if they really read all those books or if it's for looks. It was well known she had a bad habit of collecting teaspoons from the houses. After a season of providing support and preparations for Nightshade and his 'adventures' life' ritual. He promoted her to his closer. She would still do all the prep work and then leave as she lit the candles but now roaming these houses with an hourglass. Upon the fourth flip, she must return and she would return. Where she would take over and let her sweet soft voice offer the rewards for such brave 'adventuring' such as an abbey of Goretharite priestess offering their unplucked flowers to the heroes, sultry princesses throwing themselves at them, or stallion-like princesses ready to prove how thankful they were. It turns out while she was closing the ritual with the reward, Nightshade would vanish into the house. Towards their third season with her as the closer, Nightshade was busted by a servant coming in early to start the day and caught him with his haul from the house. Guards were called and when they came it was said Nightshade had a kitchen knife in his shoulder from the servant. Beatrix was still in mid closing when a guard entered and told her to wake them. She quietly explained it must be natural or Wilsash would be anger and take it out on all of them. The guard left and returned with his captain, who repeated the request to awake them but when she heard her answer and realized she was one of Beatrix's clients at a certain brothel, and agreed to let it be natural. After they awoke and were clear-headed, the captain explained and Beatrix pled she knew nothing of Nightshades activities after he had left the room. The captain vouched for her and explained a search of Nightshade's house revealed many small treasures reported missing from homes but that Beatrix's room was simple and bare of such. The host paid the remainder of the fee to her and told her that the reward was the reward of a lifetime. As she left, the captain told her that the temple had disavowed Nightshade and named him a con artist.


Before departing Stalwart, she visited a certain brothel, where she keep a room and gathered her teaspoons and the supplies of her trade, both in pleasure and pain and in holy service. Then departed for the Blackwater Fenn, where she was raised or watched after. There it was rumored she was greeted like a bad reminder but she didn't care. She wasn't there to be friendly and that night she proved it as they slept, she worked. She created a huge ritual area around her grandmother's hut and proceeded to return the love she was giving as a child. As they had ignored her, she was watching and learning the Fey methods and was now blending them into her ritualistic style. It was said, that for four days and nights those in the hut screamed and cry but would not awake and those outside the hut were fearful to enter as the hut had leaf and twig dolls hanging from it and the ritual circle itself invoked visions of nightmarish flashes to those that dare cross it. During that time, she walked and even got a wagon ride to Crosstreams. Where she practiced both her artful trades as Mistress Bella of Wilsash for a few months to restock her purse for passage to Malekia; where it was said, she worked as Miss Trica the Giver. It was rumored where Nightshade did adventurous dreams to give them the nightmare of the reality of that life. Beatrix delved deeper into granted the forbidden; ideas that others were scared to act upon while awake. She unleashed them in their own dreams. Which turned nightmarish when they awoke and remembered it. Upon becoming bored and not wanting to hear more of some bored noble's sick ideas on love or revenge. She packed up her teaspoons and belongs then booked passage to the Fey city of Elysia.



Definition and Usage of -Trix

-trix (noun suffix)

A female that does or is associated with a (specified) thing

History and Etymology for -trix
Middle English, from Latin, feminine of -tor, suffix denoting an agent

1 Half-Nymph = Nymph + Human (Romini)

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