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Etz in Avenger gear

Name: Etzeth Elor
Race: Avlissian Elf
Age: Old enough
Class: Avenger of Dru'el, skirmisher and occasional archer.
Place: Blandenberg, MChek, Mikona

Description: Often seen in the lands of M'Chek or T'Nanshi with a foresty-coloured jumpsuit, Etz appears to be a typical Nanshi elf. With light blonde hair and piercing green eyes, her natural curiosity appears to get the best of her as she often stares thoughtfully at a stranger before engaging them in conversation. Heavily armed with a plethora of blades, trinkets, wands and a sweeping longbow which is almost as tall as she is, this is one elf you probably don't want to end up on the wrong side of.