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'''Current Residence:''' [[FriendsoftheForest|Friends of the Forest]] in [[T%27Nanshi|T'Nanshi]]
'''Current Residence:''' [[FriendsoftheForest|Friends of the Forest]] in [[T%27Nanshi|T'Nanshi]]
* [[Guild:Golden_Legacy|Golden Legacy]] Adventure Company
* [[Guild:Golden_Legacy|Golden Legacy]] Adventure Company
* Speaks with Queen Sophia's Voice
== Description ==
== Description ==

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Name: Roshi, daughter of Elwin1 and Lensa of Dark Creek and Fi of Siverwoods
Race: Ghost Elf
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown but young
Class: Arcane Archer
Trust: Hedge and Proud
Faith: Follower of Dra'Nar
Birthplace:Dark Creek, T'Nanshi
Current Residence: Friends of the Forest in T'Nanshi



She is a petite Ghost Elf with delicate little features and soft expressions. Her attire is always draped and flowing in layers so thin that it adds to an air of mystery and elegance to her. She always has her throat cover and never speaks a single word to anyone. Instead uses her hands to speak what little she wishes to say. Always has her quiver at the ready; loaded with arrows and unstring bows.

She smiles and waves to all as means of hiding how socially awkward she really is. Cause she a Ghost Elf and not in a secluded Ghost Elf enclave.



One should always start at the beginning. That is what mother always said. My beginning is like so many I know. Hidden away in secluded hamlets; away from the larger world. Others like me and centaurs, satyrs, and other fey at times. Time passes slowly when no one knows you are there. Every day is like the last but you are safe. I didn't use to understand that. Till the day some traders came upon us. I remember the confusion and all the rushing about. They weren't our normal traders and they had found the entry into our hamlet. What had been nerves and worry had faded to trust and trade with the outsiders. I was with Lilium and her mother; she told the best stories as we sat on the ground outside their trees. As she told us the one about the triplet nymphs that were turned into hags for stealing the men of powerful women for their own lust; one of our favorite cause it was from outside the hamlet. She stopped and her eyes went wide and as pale as the moon itself. "Necromancer" she said and told us to run as she went to protect the centaurs. We ran to where we like to hide and have our secret meetings; I was the Shield of Dra'Nar and Lilium was the mightiest and wisest of Dru'El warriors and the hero I supported. Seems as we ran there out of fear but our ideas and the dreams got the better of us and we turned around and went back to the village.

I don't know what happens after that. I woke up in Silverwoods in the care of my people. They ask me questions but no words came out; no matter how hard I tried. Screams were not even whispers! I heard them speak of Lilium and how she carried and dragged me along the hidden paths as she listened to the trees to take us somewhere safe. She was so near her end by the time we reached Silverwoods that one of the dryads decided she take her into her tree in the hopes of saving her. They spoke of a necromancer and touched my neck. Soon we learn we were all that was left of our hamlet. Later I'd see the black scars and understand that my voice is gone. I spent the next 100 or so years in Silverwoods. I was everyone's child in the ways of Skern. Everyone was my mother and my father and sisters and brothers. Everyone took turns taking me in and not my kind but all of them. I became known as Fi cause I keep pointing at the fire and then myself cause I was cold. It is not my name but the name they gave me; I can accept that. Fi of Silverwoods does have a nice ring to it after all and it's not easy learning new ways. I slowly learned to speak without words I no longer had. Even the traders that visited us and trusted and known to the village can understand me when I use my hands now. They tell me stories of the forest, the known villages like the Sun Market and Suneal Thorp, the City of Fey and the Land of Men; once even a mountain full of short hairy people but I swear they made that stuff up cause they were laughing the whole time. Every day for those 100 or so years I spend time sitting against the tree Lilium is in; holding my hand to the bark letting her know I am here with her and praying to Father Dra'Nar to save my hero. Cause even though we were children she saved me just like when we would play. She is my hero! Lilium of the Sacred Roots, Defender of the Ghost Elves!

Now I prepare with the blessings and warnings of the village to venture forth into the world outside our world. Sworn to never reveal our paths and secrets. To see if the tales are true and if the world is as the traders speak of or if its as my people do and to be avoided. I have to see with my own eyes. One of the elders gave me a map to someplace called the "Moontree" said its safe for us; that the man that owns it is a friend of ours and kind. When one of my mothers gave me new robes and saw the map in my old ones. She laughed and told me to enjoy and see if the stories are true. I shall go there first but she wouldn't tell me what stories.

Golden Legacy

Fi is one of the four original founding members of the Golden Legacy Adventure Company. Named in honor of Goldenaxe Adventure Company; which was founded by family members of the four members in the Seven Cities. Golden Legacy is chartered in Deglos and M'Chek and allowed to operate under their charter.


Fi has one living relative that she is aware of. Her half-sister Glora. Fi's mother Lensa married Elwin and their only child was Fi. Elwin had been with Isbeil of the Rivers before returning to the forest and meeting Lensa. Isbeil was a healer known around the Blackwater River outside of Crosstreams. Isbeil and Elwin had a child who was named Glora but he never knew her till the end of his own life. Isbeil is a founding member of Goldenaxe Company.

Fi's mother Lensa to her knowledge was just a lovely and caring person. Very protective of her daughter and all in the village of Dark Creek. She was an enchantress that made protective charms and helped oversee the wards that kept the village hidden from the world at large. Sometimes she spoke of the Trust but never in detail, explaining to her daughter to be leary of them and if she finds the skill then stay hedge while muttering its the best after that experience.

Fi's father Elwin; she thought to be a typical ghost elf. He had a few animals and farmed a little; did a little trading with those in Suneal Thorp now and then. She would learn far more about her father than she could ever dream. Elwin wanted to study and become a swordsman but his parents forbid it. Stubborn as he was he did anyway. Leaves Dark Creek to venture into the world and find his way. He did, in fact, become a famed swordsman. In doing so draws the attention of Nise, who recruits him to become one of his lieutenants. Nise's gifts him the black crystalline armor that becomes his namesake, Obsidius. While serving Nise, Obsidius encounters the Goldenaxe Company who are battling Nise's forces. In time he falls in love with their healer Isbeil and they are secretly wed. When the Goldenaxe Company finally takes on Nise. Obsidius betrays Nise and joins Golden Axe to fight alongside. Isbeil is morality wounded and cursed. As he sees his love dying, Obsidius flees back to T'Nanshi and Dark Creek. Isbeil recovered from her wounds but the cruse remained. She has their child and names her Glora. Over the years, Isbeil tells Glora very little of her father or who he is. At the same time, in Dark Creek, Elwin is marrying a young Ghost Elf named Lensa. They would have a daughter and name her Roshi. This life was idea till the day Neelah sought to recruit Obsidius. She decides the best way to do so is to give him nothing else to live for except service to her. She orchestrates an undead attack on Dark Creek, which seemingly kills everyone in town. Only Roshi & her friend Lilium escape, to a village called Silverwoods. Unable to speak, Roshi is called Fi by the villagers, and the comatose Lilium is placed in a dryad tree to heal. In time Obsdius, would betray Neelah and work with Golden Legacy. He died in Ferrell, with his daughters fighting alongside him. She believes he died a hero's death regardless of dark actions in the past; as he seems he always tried to make up for them. Fi's bracers are made of her father's crystalline armor.

Fi lives with her half-sister Glora at Friends of the Forest just north of Zvidureth. Where she bakes bread every morning before going off into the forest to see the world.


She practices what she refers to as 'Unicorn Archery' 2cause unicorns are as rare as her archery form. Is adept with short and longbows using her methods of mediation and the arcane to blend them together.

Wandering Journal

She keeps a collection of her thoughts on the world and Golden Legacy in a small book. Fi of Silverwoods: Wandering Journal


1Obsidius, former lieutenant of Nise
2Unicorn Archery is a monk (zen archer) plus a wizard equals Arcane Archer.
Fi does not speak and has a silent voice set. She is mute and speaks with signs, gestures and facial expressions. Some based right out of ASL and BSL signing others just emoted words and broken sentence structure. Only Glora truly understands what her half-sister is signing and those of Golden Legacy can sometimes follow her signs if she does it slowly. Glora does translate for her half-sister. Therefore, rarely seen outside of the company of her half-sister Glora or members of Golden Legacy.

Theme Song: The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1

Skywalker Award: Runner Up Irreverence Awards 2018.

Fi's Portrait is custom and located with the others via Portrait Change Over Process