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Mandrik Bendry
Race: Human
Classes: Cleric Wizard Equalizer
Guild affiliations: Council of Balance
Most active on server: Mikona
Contact: Leave a message

Mandrik is a young priest of Mikon who hopes to train as an Equalizer. He grew up on a small farm in M'Chek near Blandenburg. Witnessing the Equalizers in action there, he found he appreciated their service and faith. He joined Le'Megan T'Elysia for a time to improve his martial skills.

Mandrik is a well spoken young man and a bit formal. He has found a great respect for the Maidens of Dre'Ana after fighting beside them a number of times.

After a reasonable time of probation, Mandrik was initiated into the Council of Balance. As a new member of the Council, Mandrik continues to grow in faith as service to Mikon.