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m (Publicly Noted Events in Nawen's Life)
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*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=42680 As Shaahesk and Titanians] attack Elf Gate, a force of lizards came through the sewers.
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=42680 As Shaahesk and Titanians] attack Elf Gate, a force of lizards came through the sewers.
*[http://http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=43768&highlight= The Battle by the Eridanian River] from the Second Fey War  
*[http://http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=43768&highlight= The Battle by the Eridanian River] from the Second Fey War  
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=45643 A public decleration of victory]
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=47402 Destruction of the fifth Titanian camp]Nawen and 4 others are singled out by Lady Vanoviel for thier efforts.
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=61355 Moon Tree Midnight Madness Drinking Contest]
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=61355 Moon Tree Midnight Madness Drinking Contest]
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=77749 The Maidens of Dre'ana] rescue one of their number
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=77749 The Maidens of Dre'ana rescue one of their Sisters]
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=79985 The Star Lady]
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=79985 The Star Lady]
*[http://http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=81735 Nawen takes the prize at the first Elysia Towers Duels]
*[http://http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=81735 Nawen takes the prize at the first Elysia Towers Duels]

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Dreana small.jpg

Name: Lady Nawen Amakiir

Nawen Amakiir - The Undisputed Bitch Queen of Elysia on her make-believe throne

Race: Mixed Avlisian Elf and Moon Elf

Place of Birth: Brekon/ Dubunat Boarder Forest

Age: Roughly 150

Gender: Female

Complexion: Very Pale

Hair: Dark Red

Eyes: Light Purple

Height: 4foot9

Weight: around 70 pounds

Appearance: Petite and Graceful

Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo of a Jechran Rose upon her face in purple and gold

Alignment: Neutral Good

Deity: Dre'Ana

Residence: Elysia

Titles & Ranks:

  • Matron/Arch Mistress of the Warrior Maidens of Dre'Ana
  • Mistress of the Short Sword
  • Vanguard Valkyrie of Dre'Ana
  • Bow Maiden of Dre'Ana
  • Shield Maiden of Dre'Ana
  • Princess Obvious
  • Curator Mistress of the Warrior Maidens of Dre'Ana (ret)
  • Crafting Director of the Warrior Maidens of Dre'Ana (ret)


Research Interests

  • Philosophy of Alchemy
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Woodland Artistry
  • Domestic Arts
  • Battle Philosophy


The Early Years

Nawen is the child of Caellian Amakiir and Nawen a Moon Elf of questionable history and honor. She was born at the family village that bordered the forest along Brekon and Dubunat. Some years into her early life that she was taken away one night by her Grandfather Ariqueael during a great attack on the village by Orcs; she was to young to understand the events and still today has dreams of these events. She only learned of this upon meeting Xandor Amakiir, her uncle and keeper of the Amakiir lore; in Elysia sometime later in her life.

Nawen grew up in Le’Or as the pale skinned, red headed child of Elarovan and Sheae Ryairayth; an elderly and childless couple that the only thing they shared were pointy ears. There she grew up in the safety of the Spiritland under their ever watchful eyes and strict rules. Over the decades as she grew into a young lady Ariqueael would visit her, never revealing that he was her Grandfather. One day when he was expected to arrive, a young Nawen sat outside the house waiting. She waited for days and then weeks; spending all her free time waiting and searching for the sight of the old man that took such great interest into her life. One rainy day a young man came to the house and spoke to Elarovan for some great time. As he left he gave Elarovan a small pack and a staff then bid him farewell. Nawen was able to start putting things together when she heard that Ariqueael would never be visiting again.

Shortly after the lost of Ariqueael, Elarovan and Sheae started to speak of marriage for young Nawen. Always talking about the available men about the Spiritland and how will she married one of them. This did not sit well with young Nawen as she had dreams of seeing the world outside of Le’Or. Inside the family home talk of events like the war with M’chek was not allowed. She was naïve and sheltered from real life. So, one night sneaking out the door hardly a thing with her, she said her goodbyes to those she knew as her parents and closed the door and walked into her new life.

The Formative Years

Upon slipping out the door and making her way out of Le’Or and to the forest floor, she was shocked at the vastness of the world. After thinking she knew what she was going to do and started walking along the path. Nawen was greeted by a lady with a giant sword and sung with a soft voice, who started asking all sorts of questions of Nawen and being very naïve thought she was being robbed. So, Nawen ran south following the well worn path and the lady chased her for some distance yelling stop. Finally, Nawen noticed the trees were no longer around her and the grass was no longer green. There were bodies discarded about the ground and the air reeked of death. Nawen had fond the war and was right in the middle of it. She wondered south to afraid of the lady with the giant sword to travel north, she found a path and followed it. She slowly mad her way to the city of Mikona.

The Mikona Years

Nawen led a unusual life there.

The Rebirth

After a series of events, Nawen went north to Elysia seeking to better herself and mend her wayward ways. She left Mikona with carrying a book about Dre’Ana and ticket for a boat. She meet with Sala Te'Dwith and that day become a Warrior Maiden and faithful lady of Dre’Ana. For many years she searched within herself for her true meaning and asking for a sign of what she should do in her life. Then she found it one day, the day Sister Mowghina Del'Torhan placed a small sword in her hand and spoke of honor within the blade and honor in combat. Her path was clear and her mind made up.

The Family Amakiir

Nawen Meet her Uncle Xandor in Elysia and learned about the attacked upon the family village that took the lives of all that were there. Nawen and Xandor looked after each other and in time news reached them that Nawen was not the only one to survive the attack. Xandor’s children had escaped with their mother who fell days later to her injuries as did a few other. Although not am Amakiir Elong was the cherished friend of Xandor, who spoke of her in words of being family.

Family Amakiir that survived the attacks and found safety in the south.

  • Nawen Amakiir
  • Xadnor Amakiir - deceased
  • Heather Amakiir, Daughter of Xandor – deceased
  • Lu’win Amakkir, Son of Xandor – unknown
  • Nawien, Mother of Tamia – deceased
  • Tuilel – Unkown


She can normally be found in the company of other Warrior Maidens and whoever is around the elf gate; where she sits atop the archer’s platform holding court as they say.

Most notable of her friends is Aria Ashby her best friend and closest confidant. Da'emona, known as the dearest of the dear ones who is always at her side and ready to tease Nawen at a moment notice or someone of their choosing. Trina Holyan, the one that either keeps them out of trouble or places them right in the middle of it without even blinking. Sapphire Moon Unen with her ‘Secert Weapon’ and reminding everyone that the magnet is to blame for most problems. These names are the Sisterhood of the Purse and the dearest friends anyone could wish for.

Publicly Noted Events in Nawen's Life

Recent Gossip About Nawen

Recently rumors about Nawen involve everything from affairs with various fey and half-breeds around Elysia enjoying her company to a certain White Mage of Light and a certain Healer of Cha’Reth bidding for her attentions. There are also rumors of a paladin of Gorethar that seems to enjoy her attention also. To comments about her partnership with a famous tailor to create ‘the look’ for each person for each season; she noted to say “everyone has a natural color and style; it’s our job to help them find it”.