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'''Titles & Ranks:'''  
'''Titles & Ranks:'''  
*Phoenix Valkyrie of Dre'Ana
*Matron of the Warrior Maidens
*Matron of the Warrior Maidens
*Mistress of the Short Sword
*Mistress of the Short Sword

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Name: Lady Nawen Amakiir

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Nawen Amakiir - The Undisputed Bitch Queen of Elysia on her make-believe throne

Race: Mixed Avlisian Elf and Moon Elf

Place of Birth: Brekon/ Dubunat Boarder Forest

Age: Roughly 150

Gender: Female

Complexion: Very Pale

Hair: Dark Red

Eyes: Light Purple

Height: 4foot9

Weight: around 70 pounds

Appearance: Petite and Graceful

Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo of a Jechran Rose upon her face in purple and gold

Alignment: Neutral Good

Deity: Dre'Ana

Residence: Elysia

Titles & Ranks:

  • Phoenix Valkyrie of Dre'Ana
  • Matron of the Warrior Maidens
  • Mistress of the Short Sword
  • Vanguard Valkyrie of Dre'Ana
  • Bow Maiden of Dre'Ana
  • Shield Maiden of Dre'Ana
  • Princess Obvious
  • Arch Mistress of the Warrior Maidens of Dre'Ana (ret)
  • Curator Mistress of the Warrior Maidens of Dre'Ana (ret)
  • Crafting Director of the Warrior Maidens of Dre'Ana (ret)


Research Interests

  • Philosophy of Alchemy
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Woodland Artistry
  • Domestic Arts
  • Battle Philosophy


Nawen is the child of Caellian Amakiir and Nawen a Moon Elf of questionable history and honor. She was born at the family village that bordered the forest along Brekon and Dubunat. Some years into her early life that she was taken away one night by her Grandfather Ariqueael during a great attack on the village by Orcs; she was to young to understand the events and still today has dreams of these events. She only learned of this upon meeting Xandor Amakiir, her uncle and keeper of the Amakiir lore; in Elysia sometime later in her life.

The Early Years

Nawen grew up in Le’Or as the pale skinned, red headed child of Elarovan and Sheae Ryairayth; an elderly and childless couple that the only thing they shared were pointy ears. There she grew up in the safety of the Spiritland under their ever watchful eyes and strict rules. Over the decades as she grew into a young lady Ariqueael would visit her, never revealing that he was her Grandfather. One day when he was expected to arrive, a young Nawen sat outside the house waiting. She waited for days and then weeks; spending all her free time waiting and searching for the sight of the old man that took such great interest into her life. One rainy day a young man came to the house and spoke to Elarovan for some great time. As he left he gave Elarovan a small pack and a staff then bid him farewell. Nawen was able to start putting things together when she heard that Ariqueael would never be visiting again.

Shortly after the lost of Ariqueael, Elarovan and Sheae started to speak of marriage for young Nawen. Always talking about the available men about the Spiritland and how will she married one of them. This did not sit well with young Nawen as she had dreams of seeing the world outside of Le’Or. Inside the family home talk of events like the war with M’chek was not allowed. She was naïve and sheltered from real life. So, one night sneaking out the door hardly a thing with her, she said her goodbyes to those she knew as her parents and closed the door and walked into her new life.

The Formative Years

Upon slipping out the door and making her way out of Le’Or and to the forest floor, she was shocked at the vastness of the world. After thinking she knew what she was going to do and started walking along the path. Nawen was greeted by a lady with a giant sword and sung with a soft voice, who started asking all sorts of questions of Nawen and being very naïve thought she was being robbed. So, Nawen ran south following the well worn path and the lady chased her for some distance yelling stop. Finally, Nawen noticed the trees were no longer around her and the grass was no longer green. There were bodies discarded about the ground and the air reeked of death. Nawen had fond the war and was right in the middle of it. She wondered south to afraid of the lady with the giant sword to travel north, she found a path and followed it. She slowly mad her way to the city of Mikona.

The Mikona Years

Nawen led a unusual life there.

The Rebirth

After a series of events, Nawen went north to Elysia seeking to better herself and mend her wayward ways. She left Mikona with carrying a book about Dre’Ana and ticket for a boat. She meet with Sala Te'Dwith and that day become a Warrior Maiden and faithful lady of Dre’Ana. For many years she searched within herself for her true meaning and asking for a sign of what she should do in her life. Then she found it one day, the day Sister Mowghina Del'Torhan placed a small sword in her hand and spoke of honor within the blade and honor in combat. Her path was clear and her mind made up. Nawen has seen inner peace in her life and for once a reason for her. She took up training in private and with her sisters and their friends. She became a friendly and somewhat comfortable towards people. Letting people get to know her and letting Arena tease her often calling her the cute one when she introduce Nawen to people that Arena knew. She started to be known as prankster to her sisters and new found friends.

The War Years

Nawen had come to Elysia and the war was knocking on the gate. She was a Warrior Maiden Initiate and learning tactics and combat styles the hard way in real combat. She quickly started to make a name for herself as one that didn’t give up easy. She trained hard to maintain the image of Warrior Maidens as warriors and pushed herself further and further down the path to understanding the sword and herself.

She fought in countless defensives of Elysia and impressed her sisters with the passions that she was promoted. In doing so, Nawen set a record for the fastest path for promotion in the history of Warrior Maidens. Even her promotion was rushed as word spread on an attack was expected since Shaahesk scouts were spotted and defeated. With her promotion she became an official member of the EDF, till then she had been helping where she could. She become one the Maiden scouts and worked along side the EDF and her sisters in defending Elysia. She took part in many battles including the first outright victory Elysian forces had at the Eridanian River. Shortly later the EAV was born and while they prepared and trained; Nawen stayed with the EDF as a scout till the EAV was ready for action. She joined them and found herself no longer a scout which left her confused. She took to the bow and was for awhile most pleased with her service and actions as an archer. She arose in rank to 1st sergeant and was addressed by Lady Vanoviel along with four others that she served with. Was the last time she ever heard a kind word from anyone of rank during the war. Soon the attacks picked up as Elysia had pushed back their foe and was starting to make them pay for attacking them. Nawen found herself attending planning meetings for future strikes but since there was already a Maiden there at them, she was dismissed from them. After a few missions were she privately questioned the commanders of the missions for their confusing and at times nonsense commands. She was now on the outside and left out of all playing meetings and command placements for asking honest questions about matters that mattered to her. Her first huge disappointing moment with those to be respected and now to not be questioned and it wouldn’t be her last one.

She did find herself in one last command moment, leading a group of Maidens on a scouting missing in Nanshi. Sister Je had fallen days before and as they prayed for a victory and for Je; the unseelie forces come out of no where and attacked the small group of three during prayers and the Temple to Dre’Ana itself and burned it. Nawen would never lead again in the war, her actions and the lost of temple was used against her. She was not allowed to join the forces in laying siege to the largest base nor was she including in the planning of anything that concerned the EAV. Her last action was in Dagroth Woods, where the remaining unseelie forces had launched a final attack. The EAV responded and entered deep into the forest where they were outnumbered and surrounded. Nawen just following the trails of unseelie bodies found a few EAV members near Dagroth Woods, they were shaken and unwilling to reenter the battle as they had nothing. A quick scouting of the woods and she had linked up with Sister Terra. The two of them, helped the fallen and defended them as they regrouped to assist the main body. Sometime later a small group of EAV met the larger group deeper in Dagroth Woods and helped to escort them out of the woods. Once out the woods, word came that all members of EAV should meet at once for a statement from General. As the worn down force passed the Elf Gate a senior officer noted that the archer’s platform was vacant and ordered Nawen to string her bow and stand guard till replaced. She did as order and missed the Fey thanking the EAV/EDF for their hard work and scarifies in defending Elysia. Nawen was greeted to the sight of many members of both bodies below her post, showing off their newly earned gift from the Fey. Upon asking a senior officer when she would get her gift, she was answered a cold stare and him walking away without a word.

Nawen felt unappreciated for her own scarifies and insulted at not be treated like the rest. She withdrew from public and from the war as Elysia was safe and now entering to support Nanshi in their battle. Through not officially from the war effort, she still produced supplies for her sisters that sought combat. Once she was even talked into suiting up and entering combat again. What she saw is something she doesn’t speak of and shortly latter officially resigned from the EAV to whispers of coward and traitor to the cause, even a Maiden called her a coward. As they prepared for Blandenberg.

Shortly the Blandenberg battles would take place bringing an uneasy peace to lands. A call came out to all members of EDF/EAV that fought and defended for Elysia to attend a ceremony publicly thanking them from their actions as sacrifices for the people of Elysia. Nawen learned from a senior ranking Sister that she was not to show as there were no thanks for a traitor like herself there. Through she later learned that many there left the war before her or fought in fewer battles than her; she held no grudge against them for they just answered the call that she was ordered not to. All that had happen was she lost faith in most people standing up for what is right.

More Disappointment

An already disillusioned Nawen, depressed from the war and left feeling empty awoke to a plague in Elysia. The war in her eyes was bad enough and now many suffered from an unknown illness. Nawen being a member of EDF was sent out to guard the city, to keep people from leaving the plague ridden city and to block people from entering it. The EDF was caught off guard and many of its members were not in the city as the quarantine went into place. Needless to say attitudes were heated and more was expected of the few members within the city than should have been. In the end, the plague was cured and not much said about it.

Now free of all public duties, Nawen looked explore herself and the world around her. While Arena was teaching her a lot about the world around and introducing to just about every one they came across. It was other sisters that opened Nawen’s eyes to a whole new world; the world of plane traveling to other distance lands and places. Throughout her travels she met many interesting people and saw many interesting things. Shortly later a person she had met in passing appeared in Elysia and Nawen found herself again being questioned for loyalty and treason. In the end Nawen did what she saw was right retired from the overly public service EDF with the rank of Lieutenant. More and more disillusioned and confused seek sought clarity in her travels to other lands away from the places she knew and the problems they brought her. As she was seeing less and less of her beloved sisters and mentors.

Time in Mithro and a Fond Sisterhood

Nawen sought herself and clarity not with her Sisters but away from them to their shock. She had been a constant sight them around Elysia since the day she showed up their and now she was gone. She had with the help of two sisters found her way to Mithro Rest and rest was not what she find there. She instead found duty and service but she also found understanding and the answers she needed about herself there. She met the Crimson Amazons and the one that would become her dearest friend.

The Crimson Amazons were at the time a small group of female warriors like the Warrior Maidens but open to many faiths. Being new to their land and seeing that they in many ways resembled her sisters back in Elysia; Nawen found instant friendship and in time become one of their number. While she hid this from Maidens back home she saw something in the Amazons that she had to learn. Upon finally telling her sisters and their anger with her for being a member of another group and some even questioned her faith. See explained her reasons for such as she was searching for herself. The most important thing Nawen learned the Maidens couldn’t teach her, the Amazons taught her to be a better Warrior Maiden and to relay on her own judgments and instincts as their numbers were less and they trust in each other to do what is right and support their sisters.

The one she met and instantly became friends with was none other an Aria Ashby herself and Crimson Amazon sister at that. The two become almost inseparable and more like old friends the moment they met. Nawen due to her training and friendship with Aria quickly took on the duty of becoming her bodyguard as events Nawen still does not completely understand would put them both in danger. Needless to say, Nawen protected Aria and the two made many more trips to see their Amazon sisters and friends before the planar magic failed, preventing them from returning there.

The Dark Days and Rebuilding of the Sisterhood

Upon her return to Elysia and the loss of her travels, she rediscovered herself. Feeling more confident about herself and her purpose Nawen become more vocal and more determined in her life both publicly and privately. However, the war while over was finished taking its toil on her beloved Maidens. Many of the notable sisters were a rare sight in Elysia and when sisters would gather in large numbers tempers would flare quickly in those once known for their even disposition. Over a brief period time those that guided and led the Maidens would walk their own paths without their sisters. At one point the famous meeting of Maidens where tempers would flare became two lone Maidens sitting somewhat apart staring at each other in disbelief at what would be known later to the Maidens as the dark days. Never more than handful of sisters committed to the effort, instead of the numbers once known. The Maidens were without not only a leader but their leadership core. The few that involved themselves found the time to be most hard on the soul.

Was during this time that Nawen wanted to take a larger role within the Maidens and through an election that the total vote could be counted on one hand she become the Lore Mistress of the Maidens and the appearance of a leadership started to breakthrough the dark clouds surrounding herself and the Maidens. In time some of the missing Maidens would return home and pick up their duties and some took on duties they had never done before but this was just a break in the dark days as they loomed overhead.

Soon the Maidens would have an officer core and all would be grand again within the order. Least that was her prayers as shortly Nawen would have to walk a path that only she could alone. As matters within the order all seemed somewhat well, Nawen took her leave of Lore duties and while not leaving the Maidens just her duties. She was finally ready to uphold a promise she made to her mentor, herself and Dre’Ana; to complete her training and follow her path. Nawen was to become one with her blade and to fight as natural as the wind blows. She departed Elysia and sought out the monks across the wilderness. She studied under many learning to loose herself to find herself and many other thoughts that confuse most that don’t follow such a path. During this time most of the Maidens have no clue where she was or what she was truly doing. A few did and they wrote her often, keeping her up to date and encouraging her on her path. She had made a promise not to return till she completed what she had started so many years ago. This promise she broke when word reached her in quiet isolation of Visimontium. Events occurred both publicly and privately within the Maidens and many were urging Nawen to hasten her training and her return. She did not delay her return to Elysia but she did leave unfinished her task for the moment as with her return her election to Arch Mistress was to be called for. Her training would wait for the time as those that stood by her now need her to stand by them.

Nawen was elected as their leader and made several statements thanking all and urging for change within the Maidens. Then she quietly gave power to her second in command and left to finish her training and find her true path. For she could not be an effective leader till she saw it through as this dream had stared back at her for what seemed a lifetime. Upon her return to her sisters and her place as Arch Mistress, she found her duties all consuming. Nawen and her sisters had their work cut out for them in more ways than one. She turned her attention inward to the Maidens and her sisters and with their help brought new meaning to the word sister and the Sisterhood was formed. It was not an overnight change but one that took over a decade with it’s up and downs both privately and publicly; all taken a toil on her in someway. However, she knows it was worth it and it help to define who she really is inside.

Looking to the Future

Nawen has now been graced with more titles than she can remember without writing them down and has now served longer as the Sisterhood’s head than all others but one sister. She faced her own personal demons and problems and strives to handle herself in the way Dre’Ana wishes her to. She now looks after the Sisterhood above all and made the sacrifices in her life that were needed in her eyes. Nawen has grown greatly with leadership and through she has stumbled she always gets back up and pushes forward, just as she was taught back in her first days with the Maidens.

The Family Amakiir

Nawen Meet her Uncle Xandor in Elysia and learned about the attacked upon the family village that took the lives of all that were there. Nawen and Xandor looked after each other and in time news reached them that Nawen was not the only one to survive the attack. Xandor’s children had escaped with their mother who fell days later to her injuries as did a few other. Although not am Amakiir, Elong was the cherished friend of Xandor who spoke of her in words of being family; making her family to Nawen in her own eyes.

Family Amakiir that survived the attack on thier village and found safety in the south.

  • Nawen Amakiir
  • Xadnor Amakiir - deceased
  • Heather Amakiir, Daughter of Xandor – deceased
  • Lu’win Amakkir, Son of Xandor – unknown
  • Nawien, Mother of Tamia – deceased
  • Tuilal – Unkown


She can normally be found in the company of other Warrior Maidens and whoever is around the elf gate; where she sits atop the archer’s platform holding court as they say.

Most notable of her friends is Aria Ashby her best friend and closest confidant. Da'emona, known as the dearest of the dear ones who is always at her side and ready to tease Nawen at a moment notice or someone of their choosing. Trina Holyan, the one that either keeps them out of trouble or places them right in the middle of it without even blinking. Sapphire Moon Unen with her ‘Secert Weapon’ and reminding everyone that the magnet is to blame for most problems. These names are the Sisterhood of the Purse and the dearest friends anyone could wish for.

Publicly Noted Events in Nawen's Life

Recent Gossip About Nawen

Recently rumors about Nawen involve everything from affairs with various fey and half-breeds around Elysia enjoying her company to a certain White Mage of Light and a certain Healer of Cha’Reth bidding for her attentions. There are also rumors of a paladin of Gorethar that seems to enjoy her attention also. To comments about her partnership with a famous tailor to create ‘the look’ for each person for each season; she noted to say “everyone has a natural color and style; it’s our job to help them find it”.