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*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=42680 As Shaahesk and Titanians] attack Elf Gate, a force of lizards came through the sewers.
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=42680 As Shaahesk and Titanians] attack Elf Gate, a force of lizards came through the sewers.
*[http://http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=43768&highlight= The Battle by the Eridanian River] from the Second Fey War  
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=43768&highlight= The Battle by the Eridanian River] from the Second Fey War  
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=45643 A public decleration of victory]
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=45643 A public decleration of victory]
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=47402 Destruction of the fifth Titanian camp]Nawen and 4 others are singled out by Lady Vanoviel for thier efforts.
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=47402 Destruction of the fifth Titanian camp]Nawen and 4 others are singled out by Lady Vanoviel for thier efforts.
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*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=77749 The Maidens of Dre'ana rescue one of their Sisters]
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=77749 The Maidens of Dre'ana rescue one of their Sisters]
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=79985 The Star Lady]
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=79985 The Star Lady]
*[http://http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=81735 Nawen takes the prize at the first Elysia Towers Duels]
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=81735 Nawen takes the prize at the first Elysia Towers Duels]
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=82712 The forth Maiden outreach to the warzone]
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=82712 The forth Maiden outreach to the warzone]
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=84848 The tragic tale of Sevalaana]
*[http://www.avlis.org/viewtopic.php?t=84848 The tragic tale of Sevalaana]

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Nawen Amakiir Ael'nyon
Race: Mixed Avlisian Elf and Moon Elf
Classes: Weapon Master
Guild affiliations: Le'Nofathen'T'Nanshi
Most active on server: Elysia/T'Nanshi
Contact: Leave a message

Race: Mixed Avlisian Elf and Moon Elf

Place of Birth: Brekon/ Dubunat Boarder Forest

Age: Between 290 to 315

Gender: Female

Complexion: Very Pale

Hair: Dark Red

Eyes: Light Purple

Height: 4foot9

Weight: around 70 pounds

Appearance: Petite and Graceful

Distinguishing Marks: Tattoos of a Jechran Roses covering her entire body in silver

Alignment: Neutral Good

Deity: Dru'El

Residence: Paradise,Elysia, Northern Residents (Exiled); Sonja Hoard, Zvidureth

Titles & Ranks:


Research Interests

  • Philosophy of Alchemy
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Woodland Artistry
  • Domestic Arts
  • Battle Philosophy
  • Weapon Production
  • Fashion

In the Beginning

Nawen is the child of Caellian Amakiir and Nawen a Moon Elf of questionable history and honor. She was born at the family village that bordered the forest along Brekon and Dubunat. Years into her young life that she was taken away one night by her Grandfather Ariqueael during a great attack on the village by Orcs; she was to young to understand the events and still today has dreams of these events and has learned she wasn’t an only child but had an older brother and younger sister that perished in the attack. Ariqueael took her to Le’Or where he placed her in the care of the Ael’nyon family to raise as they had no children on their own. She only learned about parts of her youth upon meeting Xandor Amakiir, her uncle and keeper of the Amakiir family lore.

Nawen grew up in Le’Or as the pale skinned, red headed child of Elarovan and Sheae Ael’nyon; an elderly and childless couple that the only thing they shared were pointy ears. There she grew up in the safety of the Spiritland under their ever watchful eyes and strict rules. Over the decades as she grew into a young lady between Ariqueael visits, never revealing that he was her Grandfather. One day when he was expected to arrive, a young Nawen sat outside the house waiting. She waited for days and then weeks; spending all her free time waiting and searching for the sight of the old man that took such great interest into her life. One rainy day a young man came to the house and spoke to Elarovan for some great time. As he left he gave Elarovan a small pack and a staff then bid him farewell. Nawen was able to start putting things together when she heard that Ariqueael would never be visiting again.

Shortly after the loss of Ariqueael, Elarovan and Sheae started to speak of marriage for young Nawen. Always talking about the available men about the Spiritland and how will she married one of them. This did not sit well with young Nawen as she had dreams of seeing the world outside of Le’Or. Inside the family home talk of events like the war with M’chek was not allowed. She was naïve and sheltered from real life. So, one night sneaking out the door hardly a thing with her, she said her goodbyes to those she knew as her parents and closed the door and walked into her new life. Upon slipping out the door and making her way out of Le’Or and to the forest floor, she was shocked at the vastness of the world. After thinking she knew what she was going to do and started walking along the path. Nawen was greeted by a lady with a giant sword and sung with a soft voice; started asking all sorts of questions of Nawen and being very naïve thought she was being robbed. So, she ran south following the well worn path and the lady chased her for some distance yelling stop. Finally, Nawen noticed the trees were no longer around her and the grass was no longer green. There were bodies discarded about the ground and the air reeked of death. Nawen had found the war and was right in the middle of it. She wondered south to afraid of the lady with the giant sword to travel north, she found a path and followed it. She slowly made her way to the city of Mikona.

Her years in Mikona are something she has really spoken. Through she isn’t ashamed of her life there some secrets should be guarded. After a series of events in Mikona, Nawen went by boat to Elysia seeking to better herself and mend her wayward ways. She left Mikona with carrying a book about Dre’Ana and ticket for a boat. She meet with Sala Te'Dwith and that day become a Warrior Maiden and faithful lady of Dre’Ana. For many years she searched within herself for her true meaning and asking for a sign of what she should do in her life. Then she found it one day, the day Sister Mowghina Del'Torhan placed a small sword in her hand and spoke of honor within the blade and honor in combat, in life, in action. Her path was clear and her mind made up. Nawen has seen inner peace in her life and for once a reason for her. She took up training in private and with her sisters and their friends. She became friendly and somewhat comfortable towards people. Letting people get to know her and letting Arena tease her often calling her the cute one when she introduce Nawen to people that were known well enough. She started to be known as prankster to her sisters and new found friends.

As a Warrior Maiden

Nawen had come to Elysia and the war was knocking on the gate. She was a Warrior Maiden Initiate and learning tactics and combat styles the hard way through real combat. She quickly started to make a name for herself as one that didn’t give up easy. She trained hard to maintain the image of Warrior Maidens as warriors and pushed herself further and further down the path to understanding the sword and herself. She fought in countless defensives of Elysia and impressed her sisters with the passions that she was promoted. In doing so, Nawen set a record for the fastest path for promotion in the history of Warrior Maidens. With her promotion she became an official member of the EDF, till then she had been helping where she could. She become one the Maiden scouts and worked alongside the EDF and her sisters in defending Elysia. She took part in many battles including the first outright victory Elysian forces had at the Eridanian River.

Shortly later the EAV was born and while they prepared and trained; Nawen stayed with the EDF as a scout till the EAV was ready for action. She joined them and found herself no longer a scout which left her confused. She took to the bow and was for awhile most pleased with her service and actions as an archer. She arose in rank to 1st sergeant and was addressed by Lady Vanoviel along with four others that she served with. Was the last time she ever heard a kind word from anyone of rank during the war. Through she still fought on, she found herself becoming uncertain of who was really in charge after the death of Lady Vanoviel. After a rather tough defense of the city she was placed on guard duty by a higher ranking officer as the rest of EDF/EAV were honored by the Fey for their actions. She still fought for the defense of Elyisa and serving in Nanshi as the Elysian forces were asked to. In the end completely disillusioned by her commanders and what she was seeing she sought retirement. That retirement was granted and greeted with whispers of coward by those that never fought in heavy combat. The war ended between and people rejoiced. The City of Elysia was to thank those that served in a public ceremony and all that fought were sought to attended regardless of standing; expect word came from ranking officer that Nawen was not to attend due to her retirement.

Soon enough she be called to duty as one day she awoke to learn that people were ill and the leaders of Elysia had sealed the city. All uniformed EDF were to protect the borders and stop all travel. She guarded as requested through during the exceeding long time it took to find a cure for this plaque tempers flared in Elysia and within the EDF. Nawen found herself more than almost drawing her blade against fellow officers accusing her of not following orders even through other officers were stating she was at her post. If the politics of war lead to her disillusionment in the war, the politics of peace shuck her to core at how people plotted. She also worked alongside her uncle Xandor in obtaining and handing out scrolls with the words written upon them that would lessen the plague. By the time the plague was cure and the guards were to allow travel again. Nawen slowly noticed that there was hardly a single Warrior Maiden about Elysia. She too would depart for newer lands on the plane of Yassgard where she meets the Crimson Amazons that would shape her views and yet remind her of those that taught her.

During her time traveling between Elysia to help out when needed and attend Warrior Maiden matters which were quickly decreasing and spending her free time in Mithro Rest on the plane of Yasgard. She meet the one person that would capture attention and her undying friendship; Aria Ashby. Nawen was her body guard to protect her from assassins sent by the Lord of Night to kill Aria and steal something from her. Nawen fulfilled those duties and during those times the two became instant friends and inseparable. However, the magic that allowed us to walk the planes and travel to other worlds was starting to weaken. With the bonds losing their strength two more trips were made to see their friends and Crimson Amazons whom both were members of. On the last trip they said their fond goodbyes and stepped into the weakened magic bonds before they failed.

With her return to Elysia and the refreshed attitude; she became more confident and more vocal in her desires. As she looked around herself she noticed that many of the notable sisters were not to be seen. Gone were the large gatherings and meetings with talk of planning for the future and how to help those around us. Instead meetings were turning into screaming matches and ego displays. Through she won’t claim to be innocent as she showed her one in those meeting; including a meeting that detailed the Arch Mistress failed assassination of someone that needed to die. She walked away from and didn’t return for some time. She left a letter resigning her position in the Maiden Lore Keeper and packed up her supplies she need then departed on her own path to finish her training with the blade. It had been decades since she took up the art of swordplay and there was still more to do before feeling comfortable with the training. She did stay in contact with one sister that watched over the Warrior Maidens and kept abreast of Nawen’s whereabouts. Nawen received a letter stating the Arch Mistress had left the order and to return at once as she was needed. She did return and was elected by those present to become the seventh Arch Mistress the Warrior Maidens would have in Elysia.

In her time as the seventh Arch Mistress she oversaw a rebirth within the Warrior Maidens. Those that severed alongside her were the best she had seen and it showed. Nawen was graced with more titles than anyone can remember and the order gained in honor and in strength. The deeds they preformed cover an immense area from aiding Fanos to rescuing sailors to even taking on a wayward boyer and even aiding a far off land across the planes just to name a few. She also drove deeper into the lore of Maidens and learned more about those that came before her and their actions. She wrote reports on them as long as books themselves which became a book itself detailing the history of the Maidens and their members from the first Warrior Maidens all the way to the newest ranking Warrior Maiden. Through events partly of her own making and of those around her that hide their ideals. She retired after a rather eye opening and nasty period of time in which she saw betrayal, lies and outright dishonor from many she thought a friend. She petitioned to become Phoenix Valkyrie and was award such becoming the eight one to achieve such a rank. It was during this time that Nawen was assassinated and an old rare sword stolen from her by Demaon in Elysia. Through proof was showing that a former Maiden was involved in plotting her assassination the leaders of Elysia never took action nor did the church of Dre’Ana. This would affect Nawen for longtime as to her views of both of those bodies.

As of Phoenix Valkyrie it is expected that one takes on special duty to perform. Nawen had seen this when she saw four others promoted into the honored rank. Given that she seen the refuges from Jechran and heard the stories that troubled her she had spoken with High Priest of Elysia and accepted from her a special duty. That duty was to travel to Jechran and investigate the taint that overtook the land and was spreading. She agreed and with just a note left behind stating not to follow she departed for Jechran. Upon reaching Jechran the sight was unthinking as everything was dead; the land, the animals and the people that couldn’t escape. Images of which still haunt her to this very day in her dreams but she did reach her target; an abbey between the border of Gados and the Jechran capital. There she found books of Maiden lore and most importantly the remains of a messenger carrying letters and orders. One of which was even address to herself at her former rank of Archmistress telling her to get ready for mass exodus from Jechran and to stay away from the land itself. Some described the madness of the taint and others the death. As she departed the death she took water, soil and bone samples along the way for others to study. As she was hurrying to escape before nightfall and to avoid spending the night within the taint; the sure footed and nimble Nawen tripped over a dead root and shattered her right leg. She crawled her way to an old farmhouse where she attempted to brace herself and rest. There she saw a sight that meant everything to her. In so much pain and memory of the events blur what happened isn’t for certain but what is known is that she was found above the town of Visimontium in the high mountain passes by Vanar. He stated she was clutching a dragon bone as a crutch under one arm and wildly swinging one of her swords in the other hand as she screamed and yelled blindly moving about. He was able to get her to drop her sword and she collapsed moment later. The Maidens were sent for and a trusted sister came to escort Nawen back to Elysia. Where the healers ordered bed rest for her so her leg would heal; which lasted four years with another six years learning to walk again without her dragon bone crutch.

As she healed and recovered she accepted a role from the new Arch Mistress to advise her and the order. She accepted it and the ideal of bringing all the Jechran Refugees came to mind. With the aid if the White, Ivory and Green orders a huge portal was enchanted and women came to Elysia to be with the rest of their faith. The portal would be Nawen’s last task she helped with or saw after as a Warrior Maiden. Shortly after the portal tempers flared after some Maidens went against their Arch Mistress’s orders and Nawen took that to heart by pointing it out. Now serving under the ninth Arch Mistress and fulfilling the same role as before she retired from the order completely. The last words she heard as she departed were “Fuck You, Nawen!” That sealed her thoughts of the Warrior Maidens as a whole for the most part outside of a few dear friends.

Nawen walked right out the Maiden Keep and into T’Nanshi where she inlisted in the famed 6th Le’fayothen as a recruit to fight another war. However, she wasn't through with Dre’Ana yet. When not on patrol along the northern reaches she spent her time in her private shrine to Dre’Ana. Where she plead for an answer for days on end without acknowledgement from her beloved Dre’Ana about why things are as they are. Finally in a true fit of rage Nawen challenged her to answer her questions and explain why certain things happened the way they had or she walk away from her lady. Dre’Ana never answered and very next day lifted her love from Nawen in a display she won’t forget. It was later explained by a few that serve everlasting to another god. That Nawen had hurt Dre’Ana deeply with her rage and passion on this certain topic. That in the same fashion Dre’Ana lashed out Nawen hurting her deeply. Some have said they fought each other and stumbled away; the goddess and her one her most passionate follower and each stopped before something unthinkable happened. Through Nawen offered apology she uncertain of its acceptance. Even Nawen said if she was her she wouldn’t accept it yet.

Spiritland and New LIfe

With the loss of Dre’Ana in her life, Nawen spun downward and would have fallen complete apart if not for Deamona; her dearest friend and housemate. Daemona who knows Nawen better than Nawen knows herself it seems. Helped her through the troubles simple by listening to her and letting Nawen find her own way. In time that path took her to Dru’El where she was accepted into his heart as one of his own. To which Daemona taught Nawen a new mart to focus herself.

I am the willow and not the oak
I bend and sway in the storm of battle
I do not stand unmoving to resist the blow
Feel the stinging whip of my branches
You will not feel the club of a fallen limb
I am graceful and fluid like the softly flowing stream
I am not the roaring river that rush past without sight
All things in life for me are a dance I thank the Father each day for what I am

Then more darkness as all was starting to look bright for Nawen. The last of the dear friends made a choice. Deamona had gone to aid her granddaughter on a far off plane of islands. To defend those people from evil she had to accept life on the islands with no return to her homelands. By which she agreed to become bonded to a world stone and become the champion of the people that live there. Daemona was the last of the dear friends and the Order of Purse; which consisted of Aria, Trina, Nawen and Dae. Now Nawen is left with only her memories of them which she remembers fondly. Through as time passed she made new friends that are just as dear to her as her others were.


Since then she has gone from a recruit to the Rank of Woodmistress and Liaison to Elysia. She fought alongside the defender of Elysia during the fall of Elysia. She even closed up her beloved Boutique and Emporium to prevent the sale of supplies to the Drotid Troops. These days she out in Nanshi working with Aiko and Sonja to form Loash Leheven when she not putting her talents in battle and tailoring to use on the Shaashek.

The Family Amakiir

Nawen Meet her Uncle Xandor in Elysia and learned about the attacked upon the family village that took the lives of all that were there. Nawen and Xandor looked after each other and in time news reached them that Nawen was not the only one to survive the attack. Xandor’s children had escaped with their mother who fell days later to her injuries as did a few other. Although not an Amakiir, Elong was the cherished friend of Xandor who spoke of her in words of being family; making her family to Nawen in her own eyes. Through this is just the family that broke away from T'Nanshi after the Great War and relocated to the Brekon/ Dubunat Boarder Forest. Amakiir's of different family lines stayed within T'Nanshi and Elysia and can still be found today through the bond isn't as tight as it once was due to politics mostly.

Family Amakiir that survived the attack on their village and found safety in the south.

  • Heather Amakiir, Daughter of Xandor – Deceased through Unknown Causes
  • Lu’win Amakkir, Son of Xandor – Whereabouts Unknown
  • Nawien, Mother of Tamia – Deceased from Injuries sustained in a Sereg Attack within M'Chek
  • Nawen Amakiir - Raised in Le'Or
  • Tamia, Daughter of Naweien
  • Tuilal – Whereabouts Unknown
  • Xadnor Amakiir - Deceased on Venture into Brekon


Most notable friends included the White Half-Dragon Sonja and the Blue Half-Dragon Aiko. Not to mention Green Order Pyromancer Vic.

Publicly Noted Events in Nawen's Life

Recent Gossip About Nawen

Some whispers place her in a heated affair with a lady of fey blood that she employs in the boutique and that the affair reaches further back than her ownership of the boutique; something about Merchant's Rest and special night. Through she been whispered about as entertaining both her dearest companions and even a certain Green Order mage. Nawen denies all but affair of with the lady of fey blood with a stern voice and the 'Frownie Face of Doom and Gloom'.