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Selle Galleaf


Race: Half-Nymph

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Origin: A glade somewhere in T'Nanshi

Religion: Verossa

Interests/Agenda: Improving Verossan relations. Killing Shaahesk. Looking good.


Common knowledge & reception:

  • Selle never talks about her origins or past before coming to Vanoviel's city to start her life's dedication to The Storm Mother and the beloved Forest of T'Nanshi- a dedication that has recently inducted her into the 6th division of Le'Nofaythen.

She has a chaotic, even deceptive nature, with moods that seem to waver by the week- she may talk about killing anyone who so much as displeases her, other times, nymphic vices like wine, sweets and "difficult questions" render her stupidly docile. Some might find it difficult to tell if she is naughty or nice. Her outright hatred of one individual and love of another often don't seem to have any discernible basis. Prone to acidic comments and vindictive quips, she is no pillar of social etiquette.

Selle has openly close relations with those in the Verossan and Dru'Elite Church, and Le'Nofaythen. She is known to be very sweet on a dark-haired nanshin named Wolf.

What other spirits and secrets lay beneath her unimpressive personage, it is doubtful they will come out easily. Being half-naked usually awards Selle enough perks to function comfortably around the areas of Zvidureth and Elysia.


  • Visage: With a small, delicate jaw, clean skin, and watery hazel eyes she might just have sprung from youth. Her cheeks stay flushed and the blood is always beneath her lips, making the flesh pleasantly dark against a pale face. Hair as green as the darkest vines tumbles in tangles around her shoulders, and there is something quite chaotic about her.
  • Clothing: Very little.