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Selle Galleaf


Race: Half-Nymph

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Origin: A glade somewhere in T'Nanshi

Parents: Nymph mother, Yeoman father.

Religion: Verossa

Nicknames: Bitch


Interests/Agenda: Improving Verossan relations. Killing Shaahesk. Proving people wrong. Looking good.


Common knowledge & reception:

  • Selle never talks about her origins or past before coming to Vanoviel's city to start her life's dedication to The Storm Mother and the beloved Forest of T'Nanshi- a dedication that has recently inducted her into the 6th division of Le'Nofaythen.

She has a chaotic, even deceptive nature, with moods that seem to waver inconstantly- she is often in the grips of a sour countenance, but the cause is material to the company. Her behavior is sometimes redeemed by nymphic vices like wine, sweets and "difficult questions" which render her stupidly docile. Depending on who you ask, she is naughty or nice (mostly naughty). Her outright hatred of one individual and love of another shift like the seasons. Coming as no surprise that she can have a temper, her faith is also a therapeutic outlet; it takes immense strength to contain the storm within her own heart. Luckily it's easy to tell when Selle is around friends, as she'll do anything to tease them or make them laugh. Prone to acidic comments and vindictive quips, she is no pillar of social etiquette.

Selle has openly close relations with those in the Dru'Elite Church, and Le'Nofaythen. However, her common opinion is to judge someone as an individual before you judge them by their religion. Selle takes pleasure engaging in a war of friendly bodily harm with the avenger Eowin, and she is known to be very sweet on a dark-haired nanshin named Wolf.

After hundreds of years of opposition from the Verossans to nearly anyone venturing into the forest, former High Priestess Storm and Selle spread a new message to the young druids that taught them to unite with their fellow woodsfolk against a common enemy (the shaahesk), instead of attacking their own nanshin brethren. This lead to a brief but peaceful period where the Verossan Druids did not attack travellers, but unfortunately it was all soon undone. ((more to come))

What other stories and secrets lay beneath her unimpressive personage, it is doubtful they will come out easily. Being half-naked usually awards Selle enough perks to function comfortably around the areas of Zvidureth and Elysia.


  • Visage: With a small, delicate jaw, clean skin, and watery hazel eyes she might just have sprung from youth. Her cheeks stay flushed and the blood is always beneath her lips, making the flesh pleasantly dark against a pale face. Hair as green as the darkest vines tumbles in tangles around her shoulders, and there is something quite chaotic about her.
  • Clothing: Very little.