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Soini Riika

Race: Half-Dryad

Age: Late 90's

Class: Sorcerer, specializing in Cryomancy.


Appearance and behaviour: Soini's once copper-red hair has aged and turned a silvery-grey, and it is rare that she is seen not wearing the robes of the Blue Order. She has a timeless appearance to her complexion that can only really be attributed to magic.

Her fey blood is mixed with that of an elf, lending itself to her small frame and pointed ears.

At times she leans on her staff to get her balance or take a brief respite. She often smiles at those she addresses, and has a generally friendly appearance, but to her disadvantage her mind does wander off on occasion. Sometimes when she doesn't appear to pay attention, she'll daydream and drift off... but this is a more common behaviour when she is out in the woodlands.