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Ulu Elexin
Race: Elf
Mage - Transmutant
Occasional Stabber of Things
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Ulu is an Elven transmuter who was born and raised in the Dwarven nation of Galdos. Trained by the Ebony magus Vesdrac Noss'tau she became more than capable of both using melee and magic to take down her opponents. All her spellcasting is conducted silently with gestures and thought rather than words. Some who recognise quickened spells will also notice that some of the spells she casts are quickened.

She joined the Midnight Mercenary Company when she heard talk of them and the profit to be gained from the up and coming group, joining them on several lucrative missions. When the company was put on hiatus due to the M'Chekian Shaahesk invasion, she soon saw the riches and fame to be gained in joining the Blackhawks. She remained in the Blackhawks for several years and left soon after achieving the rank of Corporal, disillusioned with the army and the protocols involved, but more notably, the profit involved.

For the moment she resides in Mikona, at the City Gate Inn, though can often be found in or around M'Chek when not out of town on various business excursions she has to fulfil.


Ulu was born to Jial’tre and Taerun Elexin in the Nation of Galdos, in a small and relatively 'new' colony in the north western reaches. The colony borders the fief of Halstead which is in the Kurathene empire, and is close to several mines rich in metal deposits such as silver and titanium. Her parents took full advantage of the new discovery and ended up opening a trade facility and inn-house, putting up the miners who worked often for several months in the caverns. As such they were treated with cool and often reluctant politeness from the neighbouring Dwarves, which took several years to turn into anything more than grudging exchanges.

Public schools were promoted in the colony and even openly encouraged. Ulu’s parents, in wanting to maintain and improve the relationship with the Dwarves, sent Ulu to the local school with the other children. There were only a few-non Dwarves, and through these local classes Ulu learnt the Ganoom and Dwergan languages. She also ended up picking up much of the stubborn and brusque nature of the Dwarves, often speaking her mind when she didn’t agree with something. Naturally this led to trouble, and more often than not a letter was sent home remarking on her unruly and troublesome attitude.

A compromise was forged and instead of attending the school full time, Ulu was taught at home for several days a week by private teachers. One particular tutor was a woman by the name of Opal Diatomin. Opal was a Gnomish sorcerer, and she taught Ulu the finer points of using the Ganoomish language, mathematics and politics, often supplementing her lessons with illusions to make the lessons a little more interesting. After Opal used magic a few times in the lessons and on herself to aid her own ailing eyesight, the young elf persisted in asking about it. Diatomin finally relented and spoke to her at length about magic, its importance in day to day life, and using it for the betterment of all.

Whilst not being particularly interested in the motivations behind using magic, Ulu took up every chance to ask about it and how she could learn, eventually losing interest in the usual lessons and spending the time asking about the technicalities of the vortex and why she used the spells she did. Opal taught her as best she could, but being a sorcerer and having natural talent, and trying to pass on this talent didn't work well. It was at this point where Ulu's parents took on another tutor, a wizard... and imported several magical tomes from Visimontium and the nearby Kurathene.

For the next several years, Ulu's time was taken up surrounded by books, pages, wands and scrolls of all types. Her teacher noticed a trend of magic that was taking up most of her attention, transmutation, and ended up coaching her on the basics of the art. The rest of her lessons were spent in an attempt at learning the history of magic, notable mages and expanding more on what the sorcerer had originally taught her.

The Ebony Order

Having had a solid grounding in magical theory, and needing to be taught by a mage who would be able to teach her more than what could be read out of a book, Ulu's parents wrote to the current Archmage of Ebony, a transmuter himself. His name was Amand Xilo. Before leaving home, Ulu's parents gave her a short sword and a dagger in the possible of it not working out for her.

Becoming Xilo's apprentice in a matter of a few days since her parents sent the letter; Ulu learnt perhaps more in the first week than she had in the last month. The first few weeks were harsh on the elf though, not being used to being above ground and she took a while to get used to the brightness of the sky and the different attitudes of the other races. On top of all that, Xilo was punished by the Visimontium council and ended up dying shortly after the punishment.

Without a teacher now, the new Archmage of Ebony, Oorayv'levena assigned her to a mage returning from the Seven Cities, who was the next best choice for a teacher in the art of Transmutation. His name was Vesdrac Noss'tau. Ulu felt slighted by this move, seeing it as a personal demotion of sorts, and while she learnt still from this mage, old habits crept back into her behaviour. As such, she spoke her mind a little too freely than perhaps she should have; and ended up offending several notable mages, namely the infamous Damar Ogdem, Miette Hartley, Micah Elizabeth Ormane and even her own teacher. As such she remained an initiate for several months longer than perhaps she really wished, but learnt much about holding her tongue.

Ulu met and took on a Violet initiate as her apprentice, one by the name of Orfanos, who wished to be taught in the ways of Transmutation. She takes great delight in recounting the tale of how they met, and has been overheard by some recounting it in several colourful ways, perhaps embellishing it further with each recount. One thing is certain though, poor Orfanos will likely be unable to forget it any time soon.

After many years in the Ebony Order, and eventually finding her ways differing from the Ebony, perhaps due to her apprentice and the Midnight Company itself, Ulu handed in her robes to Oorayv and left to join the Violet Order. She still remains loyal to the Ebony order however, and can often be found working with them with mutually beneficial projects.

The Violet Order of the Skull

Having joined the Violet Order, Ulu was able to continue her studies to what seemed to her to be a more relaxed manner. Her relationship with her teacher from the Ebony, Vesdrac Noss'tau suffered however, whether through her affiliations with the Violet or her recent membership and quick promotion in the Blackhawks.

Whilst she kept her training of the then Violet initiate Orfanos, she became more and more disillusioned with him. His affinity for conjuration spells proved too much for her to deal with, and she halted her studies with him, instead looking for another student who; in her eyes, conformed more to the ways of a transmuter. Somehow, her search ended up with Kassha Firehart, a Red Mage, approaching her asking for advice on transmutation.

This relationship was hastily cut short however, when Kassha, albeit displaying brilliant theories on paper, seemed incapable of restraining himself from the very school of magic Ulu despised.

Former affiliations

Ebony Order of the Moon
Midnight Mercenary Company