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Ursula is a young avariel, a few inches shy of five feet tall (hard to tell how many inches as her boots have heels). She has long jet black hair, possibly dyed, usually pulled up into a high pony tail, and bangs frame her face. She is quite pale, even for some of her race, and her eyes are deep violet. She is very slender though shapely. Her wings, perhaps the first thing you would notice about her, are dark black and the tips are almost inky black.

She dresses in all black, head to toe, and often wears tight clothing. Short leather skirts, patterned tights, heeled high black boots, and form-fitting lace tops are all part of her usual look. She carries a remarkable guitar of the finest quality, black lacquered with deep red underlay, with her everywhere. She keeps a black journal on her at all times and is often found with her nose buried inside writing. Her boots are almost always covered in grave dust and her fingers are often covered in ink or pencils. She wears dark eye makeup and blue tinted lipstick. She has one tattoo of marrowroot and musical notes encircling her right biceps.

She is awkward in groups, somewhat shy, and tends to blush when the attention is turned towards her in any fashion. She is not unfriendly and does okay one-on-one, but seems to utterly lack confidence.

Known Affiliations

Known Biography

Little is known of her early life other than she comes from Nor’Seere and she worked with her aunt, a priestess of the Harpinger, doing funeral rites and performing. She is a prolific poet and writer, playwright as well as an accomplished musician.