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This is Wax today
Name: Wax
Classes: Mischief Maker, Social Butterfly, Flamedancer
Most active on server: Wilderness
Played by: Ghostie

Wax is, at least most of the time, a sturdily built woman of average height, with the wiry figure one gains from swinging heavy objects. Blood red feathers make up her wings - the condition of which seem to have changed in recent weeks from tattered and scruffy to a somewhat reasonably kept appearance.

One of the first things you may notice about her - the crimson wings aside - is the vivid red, gravity-defying hairdo styled in a shape resembling a flame. Whilst it's almost always perfectly presented - unless she's just taken off her brighty coloured helm - she often reaches up to check that it is to her specifications, usually only moving one or two strands each time, twisting them between deft fingers.

Below her fabulous hair, she has clear, dark round eyes that often twinkle mischievously, a button nose, and blood red, smiling lips. If she's without sleeves, well defined biceps are circled with tattoos of dancing flame.

At her waist, no matter her outfit, one thing seems to remain constant - a masterfully crafted belt fashioned from dragonhide. This belt, and a flaming, disease-riddled whip coiled loosely at her side, both appeared shortly after the Ferrell Trade fair of 2257. Since that fair she's been spotted roaming the lands with all manor of weapons, notably a flaming great sword, a heavily-enchanted quarterstaff, and several smaller and more exotic blades.

Her fighting style is constantly changing, evolving, often mimicking the styles of others she fights beside. In general, it involves a mixture of all out fighting, seemingly ignorant to her own defense, fighting in a flaming rage and using the excessive heat to destroy her foes, or disarming her opponents through hand and arm strikes. If all else fails, she leverages the enemy's weight against them in a knockdown attack, to then beat them senseless. Whether this is with sword, whip, scimitar or flail, what she uses and when seem to vary from moment to moment.


Quick to laugh but just as quick to show her fiery temper when things aren't going her way, unpredictable might be a good way to describe this woman. That said, her general disposition when socialising is often cheery and outgoing, her other state - the smoldering anger - reserved mostly for the battlefield, or when she's having a really, really bad day.

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