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As part of the process of Getting Started to play on Avlis and the linked CoPaP worlds, you need to register your login with our authentication system. You need to do this whether you are a new player or a returning player. Avlis and linked CoPaP worlds use our own authentication system to keep your account and characters safe.

Registration Instructions

To register, follow these steps:

  1. Register on the Avlis Forums. If you haven't already created an account on the Avlis forum, please register here. The forums are an integral way to communicate and participate with the Avlis Community, both out of character and in character. The forums can enhance your role play experience, and give you an offline way to interact with the world. They also contain a wealth of information. You will also need a forum account to let us know you want to register to play here!
  2. Gather or Create your Neverwinter Nights Player Name. This is the account name you type into the Neverwinter Nights multiplayer login screen.
    If you are a new player, create a unique Neverwinter Nights Player Name that you plan to use for logging into this screen. This name cannot have been used on Avlis before, and we can help you with this if you are unsure.
  3. Send a private message to the "Player Registration" group on the Avlis Forums. If you are logged into the Avlis Forums, you can start a new private message, addressed to the correct Avlis administration group, by clicking here
    • Put 'Player Registration Request’ as the title for the private message.
    • Include the following information in the message:
     "I am a new player" and my multiplayer Player Name is: <type Neverwinter Nights Player Name here (see Step #2 above)> 
    • IMPORTANT: Do not send us your password or your CD Keys. We will never ask for them. We will never see your unencrypted multiplayer passwords.
  4. Wait for our prompt reply. We typically respond to requests the same day, within a few hours in possible. We will send you back a private message on the Avlis Forums with a few brief instructions to complete the registration process.

Registration FAQ

Why am I unable to log in using a copy of NWN purchased from

When you purchase NWN from, it comes with a set of default "CD" keys. We have blocked the default keys to prevent issues. Our login authentication system requires that your NWN game must have a unique set of "CD" keys. Fortunately, GOG will supply their customers with a unique set of keys suitable for multiplayer use. Please visit this page to request new CD keys.

I played on Avlis years ago and cannot log in. What is the issue?

If you have not yet registered with the Player Registration system, you will need to follow the Player Registration instructions above. Additionally, it is important to review the instructions listed in the Getting Started page as some requirements, content files, rules, guidelines, etc. may have changed since you last played.

I am a returning player and cannot remember my original player name. What do I do?

Please the Player Registration process above. In the message to the Player Registration group, be certain to indicate you are a returning player, the year you last played, and include the names of any previous characters:

I am a player returning to Avlis, and I have forgotten my player name.  I last played in <type year here>, the names of the character(s) I previously played with are <type character name(s) here>. 

If you are unable to recall some of this information, please provide as much as you are able, and we will do our best to help you.

If I already play on Avlis and wish to use an additional player name to log in, what should I do?

If you need to register an additional player name because you plan to use alternate characters under different player account names, please repeat the Registration steps above. Be certain to supply the new player name in a message to the Player Registration group:

I already play on Avlis, but I wish to use an additional player account name, which is: <type new Player Name here>.

What is the Alpha server?

The Alpha server is the (former) name of our authentication server. They are one and the same.