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For pre-made housing / storage or retiring housing, visit the Avlis Player Housing Updates thread on the Avlis forums.
For shared marketplace merchants, refer to the Avlis Shared Markets Initiative thread on the Avlis forums.


The holder of a Player Housing (PH) door key can be recognized as an owner/co-owner of the Player Housing. The holder of persistent storage (or merchant) keys can be recognized as an owner/co-owner of the persistent storage (or merchant). Please notify the Avlis team for all key transfers between player characters (PM Hamlet, CC Vichan Lyonsen). Include: PC "floaty" name, GSID and forum name for all key owners.

Ownership disputes are resolved by the Avlis team (PM Plethora, CC Hamlet).

Rules for Building

"Is it a house?"
The more we deviate from "Yes", the less likely it can get into PH.

1.1) The players shall build their houses in accordance with Player Housing Standards. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in rejection of your Player Housing.

1.2) If there is something you want in your house but it is not listed here, it is NOT AVAILABLE for Player Housing. The Team grants exceptions on a case by case basis. Exceptions are granted ONLY before submission, they require prior approval. When an item you wish to include requires PRIOR approval, get PRIOR approval. Submitting a house and asking for permission afterwards through documentation or PMs, SHALL BE grounds for immediate rejection.

1.3) No custom items will be accepted for inclusion into the palette.

The exceptions to this rule are guild items and keys.

Keys do not have to be key objects, but they are to have no special properties added to them.

Guild items fall under their own list of requirements and will not be discussed here.

1.4) No custom scripts will be allowed for inclusion in player housing. However, there is a base set of scripts supplied (see section 3 below); feel free to use these.

1.5) All Player Housing scripts (section 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3) shall be added to player housing by the player. Failure to do so will result in rejection of your Player Housing.

1.6) Building Requirements

  • DO NOT leave keys in chests or on the floor. A DM will deliver your key(s) to you once your house has been imported.
  • No heartbeat based scripts will be allowed. Heartbeat scripts can be found on many items, especially CEP items. Any item that performs an action or moves, should be checked for heartbeat scripts. Examples: candles with flames, wall sconces, hanging chandeliers, CEP placeable gates (metal gates), etc.
  • Remove all OnDeath event scripts from all doors.
  • Remove OOC lock property - CEP placeables and some NWN placeables will automatically adopt the Lock property when made usable. Remove it where inappropriate. Examples: chairs, benches, cushions, paintings & other wall hangings, musical instruments, bucket, hourglass, etc.
  • Remove all treasure scripts from any containers and make any containers that you don't plan on using static. Containers include boxes, chests, cabinets, loot bags, etc. Basically anything that is usable by default.

Note: Some custom placeable appearances become opaque when set to Static. eg: "Alchemy, {namespace}", "Arcana, {namespace}", "{Gemstone}" (Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire). Please uncheck the Static checkbox. i.e. the placeable should be non-plot, non-static, no inventory. You can increase the statistics of such a placeable if you like. This is free of charge only if in this specific scenario.

1.7) NPCs Requirements

Any NPC added to Player Housing is to have a CR of no higher than 1/8.

You can review the current requirements on NPC hirelings here.

Player Housing NPCs will leave a corpse when killed.

Bioware Merchants are excluded from all Player Housing projects, although some exceptions have been made to crafting guilds.

Required NPC Statistics:

Ability Scores: No greater than 10. If the NPC had lower then 10, do not up the score to 10.
Classes: Must be Commoner, Level 1.
Skills: NPCs can have NO Skills.
Advanced: Faction: Commoner.
Feats: NPCs can have NO Feats.
Spells: NPCs can have NO Spells.
Special Abilities: NPCs can have NO Special Abilities.
Exception: A Ranger or Druid may retire their CTS companion as an NPC with Level 1 of its Class (Animal, Magical Beast, Outsider, etc.)
Any spells, spell-like abilities and Area of Effect feats will be removed from this type of NPC. For any other exceptions, PM the staff.

1.8) Player Housing is not to be linked to any special areas (e.g. temples, tunnels or other Player Housing) without prior approval of the Avlis team.

1.9) Player Housing is not to restrict access to existing parts of modules (e.g. you cannot put a fence around your favourite tree that you can only get to the inside of from your house).

1.10) Magic portals are not allowed in Player Housing. Module (server) transitions are not allowed either.

1.11) A house may consist of a maximum of 5 different areas.

This may be extended to a maximum of 10 if and only if your have prior approval from the Avlis team.

An area is not a room or section of the house, it is an area as listed in the toolset.

1.12) Plants that produce crafting placeables are NOT allowed in single Player Housing.

Exceptions may be considered for Avlis guilds.

Before including any plants send a PM with subject title Player Housing to Plethora, CC Hamlet) to make sure your guild qualifies.

All requests will be handled on a case by case basis. A list of some (but not all) of the plants that are NOT allowed in guildhalls are below:

Guilds are not allowed to include Player Housing guildhalls any plant that spawns the following items.

Angel's Tears
Bleeding Heart Bloom
Desert Lilly
Glowing Mold Spores
Gray Moss Bud
Golden Lotus
Mountian Rosebud
Plantain Leaf
Silver Mushroom
Cactus Bloom
Stinging Nettle
Stonebush Bean
Timmane's Bulb
T'Nanshi Creeper
Yarrow Bloom

Note: This list is not exhaustive. If something is not on this list it does not necessarily mean you are allowed to have it, - it just means there is a higher chance you will be.

1.13) Lowering the statistic of any placeable, where it is IC-ly appropriate, costs as much as increasing that same stat the same amount of points.

1.14) Any OOC cost-saving measures shall be considered a form of cheesing.

Any OOC attempt to lower housing costs is not permitted and grounds for immediate rejection of your Player Housing.

1.15) Any attempt to sneak things past the Avlis team will result in a PERMANENT ban from Player Housing and potentially Avlis.

1.16) The rule that applies to characters sharing inn rooms also applies to Player Housing. See: Avlis Policy on Sharing Inn Rooms

No player may have more than one character that shares a player house.

In situations where the player house is a guild hall, a player may have more than one character in the same guild, PROVIDED that persistent storage (of ANY form) is NOT shared in the Guild Hall. The only exception to this is where permission is explicitly granted by the Avlis team in a PM or email you can produce if asked for and verified.

1.17) Once imported, Player Housing can be edited a maximum of three times a year for revisions. Fixing bugs that were not your fault does not add towards this total.

All revisions on imported Player Housing must be made on .erf-s exported from Avlis itself. To obtain an exported .erf file from Avlis, send a PM to Hamlet, CC Vichan Lyonsen.

Revisions made on original (pre-imported) versions, or anything other than an Avlis exported .erf file will not be accepted. There are no exceptions.

1.18) Player Housing may only use the haks and content that are currently on each server. New haks will not be added for any housing. The haks, in the correct order, are:


Avlis Base Haks:


and the copaptlk_4_9c.tlk in the tlk section.

You must make sure you add the latest CoPaP .tlk file. This is also added in the custom content tab of the module properties, slightly below the hak list.

Submit your house (as an .erf file in .ZIP or .RAR format) by uploading it and a filled out housing cost spreadsheet (both in the same .zip or .rar file) via email to

1.22) These rules can and will be bent in special circumstances, and many existing player houses are grandfathered with regards to some of these rules. Just because someone else has something, do not expect to get it yourself.

1.23) Pricing, rules or conditions may be changed at any time by the Avlis team.


2.1) The final price for any piece of Player Housing is at the discretion of the Avlis team. What is presented here is a guide, and many things may affect the final price.

2.2) All persistent storage containers are automatically priced out in the cost spreadsheet upon selecting their type. Non-plot persistent storage is not currently accepted.

2.3) If you wish to have a plot door, then it costs a flat 120,000. If you wish to have a plot placeable, then it costs a flat 5,000 GP.

Plot door: Do not price out the component parts in the spreadsheet, just flag "Door/Special" in the spreadsheet drop-down menu and enter "Plot" in all fields.

Plot placeable: Do not price out the component parts in the spreadsheet, just flag "Plot Placeable" in the spreadsheet drop-down menu.

2.4) If you are using a non-plot door/placeable with its default statistics (no modifications), do not include it in the cost spreadsheet.

2.5) For any modifications to a non-plot door/placeable, price out each of the 4 components (hardness, fortitude, HP, Lock DC) in the cost spreadsheet. When pricing out HP, divide the number of HP by 10 (rounding down), and use that number to enter in the cost spreadsheet.

If you wish a non-plot door/placeable to be key-only, enter "Key Only" under Lock DC in the cost spreadsheet. The cost for this feature is 10,000 GP. You still have to pay for the other components of the non-plot door/placeable.

2.6) The cost of plants that spawn crafting items varies depending on a number of factors. These include, but are not limited to, the scarcity of the plant, and the difference between the normal growing conditions and the conditions where you wish to place it. The plants will have the same re-spawn rate as those that are found in the wild.

2.7) Player-owned inns are not available to everyone. However, if you do get permission to implement one, there are additional costs involved. Do not expect to make a return on your investment for 18-24 months minimum.

The requirements for purchasing an Inn are:

  • Must not be on the "Watch list"
  • Must have been playing on Avlis at least 6 months
  • Must have general approval of the DM staff
  • Must build a new inn (existing ones are not for sale)
  • Must Not have a profit of more than 80% (so as to depict the expenses and staff payments)

2.8) Similarly, Alteration Machines are typically only available for guilds - if permitted, they cost 1,000,000 gp. No need to price out the models separately.

Pricing Guidelines

Refer to the cost spreadsheet, or see below.

Building Basics Pricing

Per tile (minimum 4) 5,000
Per floor (ex first) 5,000 +
Doors/Placeables (as per table below for non-plot modifications)
Plot Door 120,000
Plot Placeable 5,000
Additional keys 500 (each)
Combat dummies 2,500
Archery targets 2,500
Ale kegs 5,000
Basic crafting placeable 25,000
Basic Crafting placeable (all 5) 100,000
Jewelcrafting placeable 100,000
Piggy bank 150,000
Crafting plant 5,000 +

Note: Please evade unnecessary blanks (wall tiles). An example of necessary use of blanks can be found here.

Furnishings Pricing

Minimum 4
Tile Cost
Cost Per
Extra Tile*
Low (e.g., Bedroll) 1,250 gp 312.5 gp
Medium (e.g., Cot) 2,500 gp 625 gp
High (e.g., Bed) 5,000 gp 1,250 gp

* Round up cost.

NPCs Pricing

Note: See 1.7 for NPC requirements and restrictions. Other types of NPCs are decided on a case by case basis (ask in advance), and will be at least as expensive as those listed above.

NPC Type Cost Details
Basic NPC 50,000 gp - Servants, pets, etc.
- Conversation: +5,000 gp.
Scribe 75,000 gp - Prior permission required before submission.
Persistent Merchant 120,000 gp - 1 NPC with 1 appraisal container (plot).
- 1 menu page and 400 squares of storage capacity.
- Expandable in-game (see: P-Merchant Pricing Details below).
- Custom conversation: +5,000 gp.

P-Merchant Pricing Details:

P-Merchants come equipped with 1 menu page (10 different items can be added) and 400 squares of storage capacity.

These limits can be bought up in-game:

  +1 menu page (10 different items) = 60,000 gold
  Unlimited pages = 740,000 gold.

  +200 squares of storage capacity = 40,000 gold.
  Unlimited storage (squares) = 1,120,000 gold.

Full unlimited storage (menu pages and storage capacity) can be bought up to infinity for 1,860,000 gold total.

Hardness, Fortitude, Lock DC, HP Pricing

This section is only applicable if you have made any changes to default statistics.

Hardness, Fortitude,
Lock DC and HP/10
Amount Cost
0 0 gp
1 200 gp
2 400 gp
3 600 gp
4 800 gp
5 1,000 gp
6 1,200 gp
7 1,400 gp
8 1,600 gp
9 1,800 gp
10 2,000 gp
11 2,500 gp
12 3,000 gp
13 3,500 gp
14 4,000 gp
15 4,500 gp
16 5,000 gp
17 5,500 gp
18 6,000 gp
19 6,500 gp
20 7,000 gp
21 7,700 gp
22 8,400 gp
23 9,100 gp
24 9,800 gp
25 10,500 gp
26 11,200 gp
27 11,900 gp
28 12,600 gp
29 13,300 gp
30 14,000 gp
> 30 +1,000 gp
per point
Key-only 10,000 gp
Plot 30,000 gp

Tip: See 2.3, 2.5 for details.

Traps Pricing

Click "Expand" (to the right) for details or peruse the cost spreadsheet.

Trap Strength and Quality
Strength Cost
Weak 1,000 gp
Average 2,000 gp
Strong 4,000 gp
Fatal 8,000 gp
Epic 32,000 gp
Quality Cost
Detect DC +500 gp
per point
Disarm DC +500 gp
per point
Resetting 5,000 gp
Undetectable 150,000 gp
Undisarmable 150,000 gp

Note: Unlike traps placed by players, it is not possible to have traps that recognize the house owner, any trap you buy for housing will be set off by everyone. Traps can ONLY be permanent, they cannot be recoverable.

Persistent Storage Pricing

Types of Persistent Containers available:

An EP-Chest is a text based system that stores items. All storage containers have True-Persistence, meaning that any alterations made to items (dyed clothing, Kimli's protective alterations, changes to the clothing through BioWare or CoPaP crafting) remain, even after server reset. Off-world items do not vanish in these chests after server reset, either.
1. EP-Chest (Fixed): This is the standard persistent storage chest available.
- All items are listed alphabetically.
- These containers must be plot.
- Key is optional (chest can be open to all).
- Menu pages are infinite on a fixed EP-Chest.
- Storage capacity (number of squares) is fixed at 875. You cannot upgrade a fixed EP-Chest.
- Cost: 75,000 gold for an EP-Chest (Fixed).
2. EP-Chest (Expandable): This storage is best utilized for large inventories, like the storing of crafting components. However, it can be used as a normal storage chest for smaller inventories, too.
- All items are listed alphabetically.
- Chest must be plot and key locked, no variation allowed.
- Initial storage capacity is 400 squares of storage, and infinite menu pages (or any number of different items).
- Storage capacity (number of squares) can be bought up in-game, in increments up to infinite capacity:
  +200 squares of storage = 40,000 gold.
  Unlimited storage (squares) = 1,120,000 gold.
- Cost: 150,000 gold for a base EP-Chest (Expandable).
3. Donation EP-Chest: A variation of the EP-Chest (Expandable) text based storage system. It has the same capabilities as the EP-Chest (Expandable), but also allows anyone to deposit (drop in) items without a key.
- Any player may place an item into the chest.
- ONLY the character with the right key can SEE and REMOVE the items in the chest.
- Chest must be plot, not locked and not relockable (no key tag assigned - send that information in the submission PM details below), no variation allowed.
- Initial storage capacity is 400 squares of storage, and infinite menu pages (or any number of different items).
- Storage capacity (number of squares) can be bought up in-game, in increments up to infinite capacity:
  +200 squares of storage = 40,000 gold.
  Unlimited storage (squares) = 1,120,000 gold.
- Cost: 150,000 gold for a base Donation EP-Chest.
Display Chests

As of 2019, text-based chest such as those listed above can have the display property. This does not incur an additional cost. In your Player Housing submission, make note as to which chests you would like to have set as display. If you would like to add the display property to an existing text-based chest, again make a note to that end.

Conversion of Legacy Storage to Text Based

How to request it: Submit a Player Housing Update as usual. If storage conversion is all you need, just send a forum message to Hamlet, CC Vichan Lyonsen instead.

How it works: A new storage container is created (choose one from the available Persistent Containers list above). The old container is temporarily left in place so that item migration can take place (IG). It is then removed from the module.

How much does it cost: It's free. If you got an expandable P-Chest, it will begin with half the storage of a fixed one. In that case, contact a member of the Assist DM staff in advance (BEFORE you begin moving items), so that they can arrange for reimbursement.

Available resources

3.1) The scripts available for use along with supporting information are available here. Each script begins with a comment section, which provides a description of how it needs to be implemented.

_rg_ale (Generic ale keg)
_rg_spirits (Generic spirits keg)
_rg_wine (Generic wine keg)
_rg_wine_stain (Busted keg)
jump_pc_2wp (Jump PC to waypoint)
jump_pc_2wp_xtra (Using key)
knd_andale (Keg Andarran ale)
knd_archtarget (Archery target score script)
knd_combatdummy (Combat dummy score script)
knd_delgoale (Keg Deglossian ale)
liedown (eg. onto a mattress)
onent_atmosphere / onent_atmosfloat (Descriptive text on entering trigger area)
nw_02_onoff (Not included in the package. Default NWN script to turn a light placeable on or off. Place in OnUse.)
timetell (Not included in the package. Avlis script to make a sundial work as a time piece. Place in OnUse.)

3.2) The working archery targets and combat dummies are not placeables, they are actually NPCs. If you wish to add working combat dummies or archery targets, they are included in the above link.

3.3) An .erf that adds the piggybank placeable to the palette is available on request (temporary provision 2016).

3.4) A spreadsheet that will calculate the housing cost for you is available - AvlisHousing_3_8.xls This must be included with the submission. The current version is 3_8, do not use earlier or unmarked verions.

3.5) If there is a script you know is already on Avlis but is not included, send a PM titled Player Housing to Hamlet, CC Vichan Lyonsen asking for its inclusion. If the script is suitable, it will be included.

3.6) A guide to using the toolset is available on the Neverwinter Vault. While it contains a large amount of information you will not need to worry about, it is a very good start if you are wishing to learn how to use the toolset. The Guide to Building Volume I – The Aurora Toolset Manual

3.7) Here is a link to an Avlis Wiki Page on how to setup a Player Housing Module, and how to import .erf files. Click Here: Editing buildings

Submission process

4.1) You are to design your own house or find someone to do it for you.

4.2) Submit your house as a .rar file containing your house .erf file and a filled out housing cost spreadsheet via email to

Please label the .rar file as follows: PH_<Avlis Board Name>_<Server>_<House Name>_<MMDDYY>





In the case where one player builds for another, the Avlis board name shown in the file emailed shall be the point of contact for that property. Player Housing will not act as a coordinator between players.

4.3) Then send a PM to Hamlet, CC Vichan Lyonsen confirming email has been sent. The PM is to contain information regarding your request, including which placeables you wish to be usable for crafting, which items you want to be persistent or plot, which keys you wish to work for which doors/placeables, and where you want it to be located. Include this same information with the actual submission itself. If anything is unclear from your PM it will delay your request.

4.4) Once your house has been submitted it will join the queue at the bottom, do not expect instant attention.

4.5) Once your house has been assessed by the Avlis team you will be told how much it will cost. Receiving your payment is not a DM priority, they will try to help you as soon as possible, but again, do not expect an immediate response.

4.6) Once your house has been finalized, it is submitted for import and will get included in the module of your choice when it is next updated.

4.7) Housing keys will not be given until the housing cost is paid in full.

4.8) If you are submitting a Player Housing update, please mark it as such. eg. append "U1" or "Update1" to the file name, if this is your 1st update.

4.9) For the cost spreadsheet of a Player Housing update, remember to fill in the original housing price and do not include any pre-existing items (such as tiles, storage, doors).

Naming standards

5.1) Area naming standards

5.1.1) All area tags and resrefs must be identical (case insensitive) for any given area. eg. if an area has a tag CoB_MainHall the resref for this area must be cob_mainhall. The easiest way to do this is when you are creating an area, give it the desired tag as a name. This will set the tag and resref up correctly, and it is easier to change the name later than it is to try and change the resref.

5.1.2) The tag/reserf for each area must be unique and specific to your housing. The easiest way to do this is to prefix them with something logical. eg. Cave is bad, Raven_Cave is good. the most descriptive the prefix is the better.

5.1.3) Where possible all area names are to be prefixed with the name of the building. eg.2nd floor is bad,Featherfingers Trading: 2nd floor is good. If you wish to create an area that is not named in this way, then include your reason for not following this standard in the spreadsheet you submit with your housing. Exceptions to this standard will include things like secret entrances.

5.1.4) All doors inside Player Housing that connect up to external areas shall have TAGS named with the following standardization: DR_UniqueName_I, where UniqueName is a personalized and wholly unique tag for the door. (i.e., do not type: UniqueName)

If you have external areas in your Player Housing that connect up through a door to internal areas, the external door shall be named with the following standardization: DR_UniqueName_O, where UniqueName is a personalized and wholly unique tag for the door. (i.e., do not type: UniqueName)

5.2) Item naming standards (keys and guild items)

5.2.1) The tag and resref of any given item must be identical (case insensitive). The easiest way to do this is when creating the item, give it the desired tag as a name. You can then edit it to change the name to something nicer.

5.2.2) The tag of all guild leader items must start with SI_ and must have the correct variables attached as shown in the Guidlines for making guild items forum thread.

5.2.3) The tag of all non-leader guild items must start with Gld_U_.

5.2.4) The properties an values on guild items must be those allowed, as shown in the Guidlines for making guild items thread.

5.2.5) The tag of all Player Housing keys must start with Key_.

5.2.6) All items are to be named in such a way that they are easy to identify which house they belong to. eg. Room key is bad, Key of Green is fine, Anspach residence: Room key is good.

5.2.7) All items must be marked plot, and must not be marked as undroppable.

5.2.8) All keys must contain no additional properties.

5.2.9) All keys must be located is the Special 2 section of the palette.

5.2.10) All guild items must be located is the Special 5 section of the palette.


When submitting a revision for an existing house you use a blank housing spreadsheet.
Enter the previous housing cost in the section provided and check YES for the update section.
Add ONLY the new additions/modifications to the spreadsheet.


Existing housing for players inactive for 3 years will be withdrawn from the live modules & archived. All players (exception banned accounts) will receive 3 months notice. The housing can be re-instated upon player(s) return; contact Hamlet, CC Vichan Lyonsen.

The Player Housing staff welcomes early notifications of character retirement, associated property archival requests and other arrangements. See also: Ownership for any and all key transfers.

Premade housing abandoned for 1 year will be re-keyed. Last known owners will receive 1 month notice. On re-key, old storage will be placed in OOC area, so that the player can retrieve their items with DM assistance (PM: Assist Staff).

Previous housing threads

A source for this article has been the Player Housing Rules and Guidelines forum thread - now defunct, replaced by this Avlis Wiki page.