The Dragon, the Mage, and the Shaahesk

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By Eldrea Addams

While browsing in the market I,
Did see a shadow in the sky,
But not for long did wonder why,
As the golden wyrm it landed.

Ask for help this dragon did,
It's eyes with worry heavy lid,
Of a lizard problem it wanted rid,
And its captured child rescued.

Quickly did we three agree,
The magus Sci of spirit free,
Sir Sylux of the guard, and me,
The harpist Eldrea Addams.

We flew upon the dragon's back,
To an island where there was a lack,
Of anything but foes to hack,
And one poor trussed-up wyrmling.

The battle nearly cost us dear,
Defeat at times felt very near,
The Harpinger I thought to hear,
If not for brave Sir Sylux.

The lizards' leader did he fight,
A creature of impressive might,
Who fell to the magus of the Light,
Though long did he give battle.

The wyrmling's life did we save,
Of thanks effusively it gave,
For rescue from life as a slave,
Or as a lizard's dinner.

The moral of this story true?
Beware lest Drotid come for you,
For complacence may you one day rue,
As they steal away your loved ones.

As... they... steal.. away.. your... loved ones