The Turning

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By Rali'vinee

The Turning

There is a mystery to something looming,

Shadow disturbing, breath that’s threatening.

You want to turn, to see what’s looming

And touch the velvet, watch it prick you.

Will it be darkness, all gloom and withered;

A Desolation, that leaves you broken?

Or will it waken something within you

To make you realize your own starvation?

Will it delight you, stir your passion

Delicious burning, all around you?

And when you taste it will it fill you

Until you’re brimming, and feel complete?

What if it leaves you, the darkness lifts

And takes the velvet, withholds the pricks,

How will you bear it, exposed and naked,

Under the brilliance of the righteous?

Will you admit you are bereft,

Worn, torn, destroyed, a fading life?

Or pretend that nothing happened,

Let them blind you, with their light?

If you turn, child, you’ll live in aching,

Silently suffer the appetite.

All for the mystery of something looming,

A promise threatening to ignite.