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About The Archibald Thel Library and Repository of Zvidureth

The Archibald Thel Library and Repository of Zvidureth is a multi-function facility located along the main road of Zvidureth. The A. Thel Library is primarily a library that offers an extensive selection of books and documents to view and purchase. The library also offers other services including an eatery with a small stage for performers, storage, a spacious lecture and auction hall, an atrium for relaxing, and a private research wing that includes an orrery and several unique and rare objects. The library is owned by Archibald Thel and management is assisted by Thienna (Sapphire) Thel and Ariana of the Dark Forest. The most notable feature of the library to those interested in knowledge and lore is the thorough manner in which the books are sorted emphasizing ease of use and the ability to search through titles by subject and author as well as the wide selection available.

More information:

A. Thel Library Catalog and Information (Full catalog of books, documents, and artifacts as well as general information)

Library Notices and Requests (Miscellaneous notices and requests related to the library.)