With The Pale Flowers

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By Ashanar Sekor (Ash)

You belong among the pale flowers
Such freedom, you have never truly known
There you'll lie, smelling the flowers
Ah... Yes, such beauty that you will be shown

Try to run away, find a new lover
Try to get away and find somebody new
Waste of time, I have seen you like no other
And I have one more song for you

Yes... You belong among the pale flowers
Nestled in a sweet field near the sea
Spring will wash you with all of her showers
And you will finally be set free

Try to run away, and hide beneath the covers
Try to get away, your heart is your guide
You deserve to let your soul rediscover
You belong in that field near the tide

You belong among the pale flowers
Yes, look here, I hold here the key
To a place free of trouble and worry
Yes... You belong somewhere close to me

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