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Name: Zepha
Race: Fey
Class: Bard
Faith: Mishlekh
Age: Young, 20something
Temperament: Hedonistic tendency, fully embraces the fun side of life. Emotional and spirited. She is spontaneous and prone to following along with others if there is promise of excitement. Carefree, joyful
Alignment: CG


This fey creature has light reddish nearly pink hair, flowing long and wild, some of it wrapped around the large ram-like horns that protrude from her head. The satyric horns themselves are adorned with golden bands and decorative gemstones. Her bright sea-green eyes are expressive, nymph-like. She has a full mouth, usually set in a charming smile accompanied by laughter. Her voluptuous frame is obvious, no matter what she chooses to wear. She is rarely seen with a weapon but carries a number of instruments. Her voice is melodious, pleasant, and smooth. An amulet of Mishlekh hangs around her neck. She has beautiful vine like tattoos encircling her arms and legs, some with ripened grapes and others flowers, interspersed with musical notes, mostly done in light burgundy and golden tones.


Zepha grew up near the Fairy Gardens. Her father was a satyr and her mother, a nymph. She has little formal contact with her natural parents, knows of them but does not seek them out. She was mostly raised around extended family and friends near the Gardens. Her informal family were wine makers, party goers and throwers, as such, she has led a celebratory life. She learned to play drums and other instruments almost intuitively, having a gift for music and song. She loves to create, whether it be a work of art or a piece of music or even an evening meal, it is all an art form to her.