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How to chat in Avlis?

IRC Program: The best way to chat in Avlis is to connect to the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server.

In order to do this, you will need an IRC program. The most popular versions for Windows are mIRC and iceChat, for MacOS try Ircle or for Linux use XChat.

The connection information is:

- stratics.frws.com
- irc.glowfish.de
- stratics.afraidyet.net
- irc.epaxsys.net
  • Port - 6668 (this is a non-standard port)
  • Room - #avlis

Common IRC commands:

  • Private message - /msg nick message
Sends nick a message. (You can also just double click on someones name and a private message box will appear)
  • Nickname change - /nick newnick
Will change your nickname to newnick.
  • Ignore a user - /ignore nick
Will ignore user with the nick nick.
  • Unignore a user - /ignore -r nick
Will unignore a user with the nick nick.
  • Performing an action - /me actiontext
/me does a little jig will show as: * Nick does a little jig
  • Joining a channel - /join #channel
Join channel #channel.
  • Parting a channel - /part #channel
Parts channel #channel, if the #channel is omitted the current channel will be parted.
  • Leaving/Quitting - /quit message
This will disconnect you from the chat and send an optional quit message to the server.

Mini mIRC guide

1. On start up of the program a window that reads mIRC options should appear. If not, click on the file tab and select options from the pull down menu. (or press ALT + O)

2. Fill in the text boxes with whatever you wish.

Full Name: your name
Email Address: your email 
Nickname: TheNickNameYouAreGoingToUseInChat 
Alt: TheNicknameYouUseAlternativelyIfFirstisTaken 

3. On the left hand side of the mIRC there should be a 'category' window. Make sure you have 'Connect' highlighted, then look for a button that reads 'Add' and press that.

4. An 'add server' box should appear, and fill it out with the following.

Description: Avlis (or whatever you want to put in there) 
IRC server: irc.stratics.com 
Port(s): 6668 

Then click OK. This should take you back to the options window.

5. (optional) From the 'category' window on the left hand side of the options window, click on 'perform'. This is where you can give it commands to open a certain window at startup. If you want to make use of it, make sure 'enable perform on connect' is checked. Then in the space below you can use mIRC commands that will be done right when you sign on like automaticly joining a chatroom. Here is an example of joining both the Hades chat, and the Asshats chat (remember the #'s).

/join #avlis 

6. Make sure you click and have highlighted 'Connect' again, and from there click the 'Connect to IRC server' button, and you should be done. You can also connect from outside the option button when all set up using the Lightning button right under the 'File tab'.

7. If you skipped step 4, you need to manually type in the commands when the status window comes up. There should be a place at the bottom of the window where you can type. So, type '/join #avlis' then press enter and the chat should pop up.

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