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Flenken Jolliemausch
Race: Gnome
Classes: Wizard (Fatespinner)
Most active on server: Mikona,Wilderness
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Flenken Jolliemausch is a Gnome Wizard, hailing from the Deglosian city of Minur-Khuzad. Although he is a master of Illusions, Evocations, and is an accomplished Conjurer, his greatest strength lies in his use of Divination for both Scrying and Fatespinning.

Flenken is a devout follower of Andrinor, due to his interest in magic. Since joining the Red Order of the Flame, he has worked his way up to a High Magus position while mastering the finer arts of Fatespinning under Artorius Illurien (widely acknowledged as the premier authority of Fatespinning in Negaria).

Today, Flenken teaches Fatespinning and mentors those who wish to learn it from him, such as Thienna Relimon of the Blue Order. Recently, she has attained the rank of 'Fatespinning Savant' under his tutelage. While Theinna's progress no longer needs direct mentoring (truly, the path of the Fatespinner must be their own after a certain level of achievement), Flenken continues to advise her in the hopes that she will continue her growth and reach her full potential. Magus Jolliemausch has also enlisted in the Blackhawk Company, after witnessing the destruction of Eastshore by the Shaahesk forces of Drotid. Often, he is sought after for his talents in Divination by both the Army and Guard as well as by the general public. His ability to gather information, and open a portal to a location when necessary, have made him a valuable asset among those he works with.

Early Life

Flenken was born as the eldest child of Dovaldom and Petinka (née Schnauzefascht) Jolliemausch. He has 3 siblings; a brother Klinkin who is 5 gnomish years younger, and two sisters, Geela (8 years younger) and Binkie (11 years younger). He also has an extended family of cousins, uncles, aunts, and other elders. By comparison, his immediate family is small compared to other branches of the clan. The extended family all lives within the same neighborhood of Minur-Khuzad, with many of them never traveling beyond the borders of the city, much less the Deglosian border.

Coming from a clan of hard-working miners and smiths, Flenken was expected to join the guild and work alongside his father and uncles until such time as he was accepted into the higher ranks of the guild. From there, the hope of Dovaldom was that his son would eventually take over his spot in the guild committee. However, this was not to be, as Flenken showed more interest in old books and scrolls than in rocks and gems. A brilliant student, he finally found a suitable teacher in the form of a local alchemist who had dabbled in wizardry. It was through this retired wizard that Flenken learned his first cantrips, and eventually a couple of first circle spells.

While Dovaldom was somewhat disappointed in Flenken's departure from the guild, he eventually accepted the change, even going so far as to buy Flenken a finely crafted spellbook to help with his learning. Flenken's brother Klinkin had by this time stepped into Flenken's apprentice role in the mining guild, and showed an aptitude for finding the best veins. (This fortunate turn of events probably made it easier for Dovaldom.)

Young Adult Years

As he got older, Flenken found himself at odds with many of his peers, and females in general. As brilliant as his mind was, he lacked the confidence and ability to verbalize correctly much of the time. He had few friends, and no romantic pursuits to speak of. Often, he would find himself shuffling back home to read in peace rather than deal with others.

This changed for him when he happened upon a traveling dance troupe that stopped in Minur-Khuzad for a short stay before moving on. He noted the grace and confidence that the dancers exuded, and rushed to find a book on the basic routines. He studied each page, attempting to mimic the drawings and follow the instructions. Eventually, he found he could repeat the steps almost flawlessly, albeit somewhat slower than the intended beat. Flenken suddenly got the idea of using magic to aid in his steps, and found that an Expeditious Retreat spell would allow him to concentrate on his form and still move at the correct speed.

With magic on his side, and several books full of dance theory in his head, Flenken entered the local Minur-Khuzad Annual Dance Contest, held each year. He made it to the finals, only to see that what he had practiced from the book for a finale was actually being used by the other finalist who went first. Panic set in, and he considered leaving... yet he stayed. When his turn came about, he improvised, creating a dance that he referred to as "The Iron Golem".

The judges were surprised by the bold shift in style and he won First Prize, much to his delight. The Dance Champion title would be defended by Flenken for the next 16 years, until he left Minur-Khuzad to seek his fortune.

Departure, and Finding Andrinor

The Jolliemausch clan has a tradition, so to speak, that once a male Jolliemausch has reached a certain level of appetite, they are no longer the responsibility of the clan. At the age of 40, Flenken had grown to the point where he was declared ready to seek out his own fortune in the world. He packed whatever belongings he could carry into a backpack (including his spellbook, journal, and a number of pastries), enjoyed a last meal with his family, received a pouch of gold to help him on his way, and set out for Visimontium.

Upon arriving in the city, Flenken found himself in a bit of a bind. The journey had claimed just about all of his gold, and he found himself quite alone as well as hungry. He wandered the districts, finally stumbling upon the Temple district and the temple of Andrinor. Meekly stepping inside, the young mageling made his way over to High Priestess Rayna Na'Tanlynn. Then, in the clearest voice he could muster, he declared his devotion of faith to the God of Mortal Magic. Rayna smiled upon him and granted him the blessings of Andrinor, as well as a holy symbol and robe to signify his faith. Though he was both tired and hungry, Flenken did sleep at peace that evening with his dreams full of visions of the southern lands, and the color red.

The next morning, Flenken counted his remaining coins and set about looking for passage to the south. He ran into a fellow mage who was in a hurry to try the new portal system that was rumored to be open, and decided to see what the fuss was about. The price did seem a bit steep, but Flenken considered the time it would save and decided to purchase a trip as far south as he could afford. After handing over the last of his gold to the mage who was working the portal hub, Flenken stepped into the shimmering light, and in an instant found himself in the city of Elysia.

In the South, and Joining the Red Order

Flenken was not in Elysia for very long before he ran into Gubblebub Fizzywhiz, a Magus of the Red Order of the Flame. He also met up with Gurth Istar and Vintrinia Carnen, both of whom in time would go on to lead the Red Order. Gurth provided him with some scrolls and basic mage equipment, and soon enough, Flenken had received his Initiate's Robe, and continued his studies of the ways of the arcane with renewed vigor.

After a few months of performing odd jobs around the city, and the nearby countryside of Ferrell, Flenken had amassed enough gold to take up classes at the Academy of Mortal Magic, and move into a more permanent residence. He packed his belongings, enjoyed a last meal at the Frilly Collar, and set off for the next leg of his journey: Mikona, M'Chek.

Visimontium (and many areas in the south, for that matter), was having difficulties with an infestation of demons. Flenken quickly joined in helping drive them back, alongside the members of his future Order. During these battles, Flenken took note of the effectiveness of several schools of magic which he seemed better attuned to, most notably Evocation, Illusion, and Conjuration. He then set out to destroy the demons wherever he encountered them, from Visimontium, to M'chek, to the old Rift Temple deep in the caverns of Ferrell.

Meanwhile, Flenken studied hard at the Academy, and, under the tutelage of instructors Miette Hartley and Damar Ogdem, soon finished the required courses to become a full-fledged Magus of Andrinor's Trust. He was then presented with his Robes and joined the Red Order of the Flame. In his excitement, he quickly wrote a letter to home to receive permission to return to the family. However, his accomplishments did not yet impress the clan, and he was told to continue his work in the south (while also being reminded that his place as a Jolliemausch was truly in the mines). Disappointed, Flenken renewed his efforts in the South and put aside his thoughts of returning home for the time being.

The Path of the Fatespinner

Coming soon, jaa!

General Information

  • Speaks common fairly well, with a sprinkling of Gnomish words in every sentence. These are generally exclamations, or words he feels the Gnomish term is "better suited" for.
  • Is a 17 time Minur-Khuzad Dance Champion
  • His official Title in the Red Order is High Magus of Legal Affairs & Culinary Arts.
  • He is the 3rd Representative to the High Mage Council for the Red Order
  • Is an authority on Fatespinning in the South, and instructs mages in the secrets of unlocking the power.
  • Has a passion for invention and innovation, from more accurate portal opening to breeding a flying rothe.
  • Has a nearly insatiable appetite for food, and a waistline to match it. Can often be found sneaking a snack into or out of a secret pocket in his robe.
  • 2 of his greatest idols are Moderator Miette Hartley, and former Moderator Damar Ogdem

Friends, Allies & Associates

Written Works

Flenken's Journeys
Arcane Snack Theory
Practical Divinations for Fatespinning Learnings
The Fatespinning Handbook

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