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Timeline Age of the Gods | Time of Dawning | Fairy War | Great War | Age of Immortals | Age of Darkness | Age of Strife | Ongoing

* The Age of the Gods

* Time of the Dawning

* The Fairy War

* The Great War

* The Age of Immortals

* Recent History

* Ongoing History

* Mikona: Recent Events

* Elysia: Recent Events

* History of Kurathene Empire

* History of the Underdark

* Historical Figures of Avlis

* Artifacts of Avlis

* Avlis PnP Campaign

Though Avlis as a world is only four thousand years old, it has a rich history. That history is detailed in the sections on the right. A brief overview can be gained from the timeline shown below:

The Age of the Gods Age of
-4000 -3000 -2000 -1000 Present Ongoing
-3005 -2001 -50 ( Elysia -- Mikona)
-2050 -100
(Great War)
(Fairy War)
Age of
Age of

Ongoing Player Actions

To be summarized and laid out on the Avlis Fanfiction site at http://fanfic.avlis.org. ( Mikona:Recent_Events, Elysia:Recent_Events )


Time period where online players are using the world. The server year is 2166 A.O.D. as of July 2006. The Avlis Calendar calculator suggests that the game year was 2050 A.O.D. when the Mikona server first went live, on 1 June 2002. However, note that the closer dates get to the present, the further off the calculator's date will get from the actual server date. The difference may be as much as 18 years. The current official game date is displayed when you log in, and can be viewed from the custom radial menu at any time.

===minus 50 years=== Time period of Avlis Campaign 1 & 2 notes. Valok tries to enter world and is foiled. The Equalizer and Champion orders are formed. Angadar is rumored to have taken on the mantle of Deceit & Trickery upon the death of the goddess Tianna, killed by Mikon. Andrinor becomes a deity and takes the mantle of Magic and starts his church.

===minus 100 years=== Time period of Avlis Campaign 0, where the players tried to get Angadar's daughter Jade away from Hell. The destruction of the Avariel city of Toostan, and most of the Avariel race. Drangonari elves take a portion of Drotid as their own.

===minus 150 years=== Angadar's ascension to godhood.

===minus 175 years=== Death of Kuras, collapse of the Kurathene Empire. Nemeril banishes O'Ma from the world with the "Godslayer". Angadar takes the Godslayer from Nemeril and rescues O'Ma, and returns the weapon to O'Ma for safe keeping.

===minus 1000 years=== The Age of Darkness. Not much is known about this period. Legend has it that the all-powerful counterpart to the Eternal Spark, the Black Dagger, was found and a god was destroyed with it. This is rumored to have touched off a devastating war between the gods and their followers.

===minus 2000 years=== Beginning of Age of Peace.... many of the newer minor gods and minor races were created during this time. Immortals ran rampant.

===minus 2001 years=== Orc mages create the huge explosion that ends the Great War and kills nearly everyone on the planet. The remaining orcs found the nations of Brekon and Dubunat on the west coast.

===minus 2050 years=== Great War is just ending up. Mikon creates the evil dragons to enter the fray.

===minus 2076 years=== Battle of Nireth Cove fought in T'Nanshi.

===minus 2100 years=== Great War begins when Orcs attack the warring fairy factions.(Pg:The Great War)

===minus 2200 years=== Fairy War Starts. (The Fairy War)

===minus 2500 years=== The nine major gods finish creating their races. (Time of the Dawning)

===minus 2600 years=== The Negerai is destroyed.

===minus 3000 years=== The nine warriors and Negerai become greater gods and start fighting.

===minus 3005 years=== The spirits roaming Avlis are being slowly wiped out by the Tanar'ri infestation. This angers The Supreme, and he decides to free the nine warriors in an effort to save the world.

===minus 3010 years=== The nine warriors are captured by the Negerai and brought to Avlis. Their prisons are built and the Tanar'ri start to infest the planet.

===minus 3500 years=== Avlis is at peace. Nature gods roam.

===minus 4000 years=== The Supreme creates Avlis. (The Age of the Gods)

Timeline Age of the Gods | Time of Dawning | Fairy War | Great War | Age of Immortals | Age of Darkness | Age of Strife | Ongoing