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Timeline Age of the Gods | Time of Dawning | Fairy War | Great War | Age of Immortals | Age of Darkness | Age of Strife | Ongoing

* The Age of the Gods

* Time of the Dawning

* The Fairy War

* The Great War

* The Age of Immortals

* The Age of Darkness

* Recent History

* Ongoing History

* Mikona: Recent Events

* Elysia: Recent Events

* History of Kurathene Empire

* History of the Underdark

* Historical Figures of Avlis

* Artifacts of Avlis

* Avlis PnP Campaign

Though Avlis as a world is only four thousand years old, it has a rich history. That history is detailed in the sections on the right. A brief overview can be gained from the timeline shown below:

The Age of the Gods Age of
-4000 -3000 years -2000 years -1000 years Present Ongoing
1005 P.O.D. 1 P.O.D. 1950 A.O.D. ( Elysia -- Ferrell)
50 1900 ( Mikona -- T'Nanshi)
(Great War)
(Fairy War)
Age of
Age of

Ongoing Player Actions

2050 A.O.D. forward. To be summarized and laid out on the Avlis Fanfiction site at [1]. ( Elysia:Recent_Events, Ferrell: Recent_Events, Mikona:Historic_Events, Mikona:Recent_Events, T'Nanshi: Recent_Events )

Time period where online players are using the world. The server year is 2169 A.O.D. as of September 2006. The reference dates on Orleron's original timeline article were relative to 2000 A.O.D. However, the Avlis Calendar calculator suggests that the game year was 2050 A.O.D. when the Mikona server first went live, on 1 June 2002. Regarding this calculator, dates there are accurate up to 13 June 2005, when the flow of Avlis calendar time was adjusted from 2 minutes/hour to 4 minutes/hour. The difference between calculator time and server time is around 18 years now. In any event, the current official game date is displayed when you log in, and can be viewed from the custom radial menu at any time.

See also: Date Translation thread.

Recent History

1950 A.O.D.

Time period of Avlis Campaign 1