Karak Zvidurat

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Karak Zvidurat, or "Dwarf Trade", is a ground-level settlement in northern T'Nanshi. Its place on a major overland road near the entrance to Deglos makes it a popular place of commerce.

Merchant Houses

ROTE Roe'Que Open Trade Enterprises is a company that trades of nearly all kinds of items, from herbs and roots to powerful potions and magic items. ROTE exists to promote free trade, to encourage crafting, to support young crafters, to maintain a fair price for crafted goods, to support its members in learning and gaining skills and knowledge.

AAAA AVLIS ARMS AND ARMOUR ASSOCIATION has its trading and crafting house in T'Nanshi located here. During the War between T'Nanshi and M'Chek this location remained neutral while supplying the adventures, and locals with tools, weapons and armor.


During the Drotid War, members from the Le'Megen T'Elysia were hold up in Karak Zvidurat, while in exile. They had a location just west of the city, where some Verossian Druids had been for years.