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The World of Avlis is an ongoing development project.
As such, new features – features not available in single-player NWN – are constantly being added and optimized.

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  • Addiction - PCs consuming alcohol and drugs risk addiction. Withdrawal symptoms will gradually subside, if consumption is halted.
  • Barbarian Rage - Changes to standard rage, as well as additional Specialization sub-classes (BRS styles) among the Barbarian class.
  • Bardic Music - Legendary songbooks provide nine new ways for Bards to use their bard song ability.
  • Bartending - A "mixology" tradeskill allowing players to make cocktails. At higher levels PC bartenders can mix magical potions.
  • Blunderbuss - The original Gnomish ammunition launcher.
  • Character Description - Instructions on how to delete, change, or edit the in character description others see when they examine your character.
  • Cooking - A subskill of the Herbalism tradeskill that allows players to prepare food and beverages.
  • Crafting - Creating armour, clothing, gems, healing kits, jewelry, potions, weapons, and more. Gathering resources, mining and wood cutting.
  • Custom Races - New custom Avlis races and how to create a character with one.
  • Disease - Diseases on Avlis have different DCs than the NWN implementation.
  • Recycling System - Creates a continuous process tasked towards the disposal of loot drops and crafted durable goods, combined with a way to obtain crafting ingredients through a token exchange system.
  • Junk Processing - Dispose of remains of creature hides and broken weapons you find when adventuring.
  • Emote System - A way to have your character perform emotive actions, dice rolls, get information on various systems, etc.
  • Spell List - List of spells that are part of the Avlis spell hooking system.
  • Militant Level Bonuses - Militant Level Bonuses are enhanced effects that certain spells have on militant characters.
  • New Character Staging - New player characters can get gold, gear, and alter their appearance before making their entrance in the world.
  • NUI - NUI is the Nuklear User Interface that NWN:EE has for pop up windows.
  • Psionics - A new class and powers for Psionics on Avlis.
  • Trap System - Avlis modified system for setting, retrieving, triggering and crafting traps.
  • Tyeduan Banes - Allows all classes to enjoy a temporary version of Favored Enemy (feat).

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