Whirlwind Attack

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Systems and Tools

The Bioware Whirlwind Attack and Improved Whirlwind Attack are subject to the following bug due to Avlis servers running on Linux:

If whirlwind attack is used against exactly three targets, the attacker will lock up, becoming unable to attack or perform actions. This bug only occurs when the game (server in multiplayer) is running under Linux or the Mac operating system. (It had been a bug under Windows as well, but was fixed for that operating system.)

Avlis has added an alternative whirlwind attack which can be used as follows:

Equip a melee weapon and type the ACP command /wwa to enable the feature.

  • Area of effect in the Avlis version is 10 ft (Medium) for Whirlwind Attack and 15 ft (Large) for Improved Whirlwind Attack.
  • Weapon Master and Confounder class levels are both added to the attack bonus.
  • These levels are also added to the Fortitude save DC vs. knockdown, for those affected by the attack. DC 20 for Whirlwind Attack, DC 30 for Improved Whirlwind Attack.
  • While Blinded, the attack has a 50% miss chance (unless your PC has Ultravision), -4 attack penalty (unless your PC has the Blind Fight feat). If your PC has neither benefit, their armor bonus decreases by 2 for the duration.