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Avlis Religious Forums

These forums are a place for anyone playing a character that follows the deity. Only approved members can see the posts within, but membership is open. It is not a guild, but a place to coordinate in character for plots, events, outings, and questions. See a list here

In order to request membership, navigate to User Control Panel > Usergroups on the boards. Scroll down to the Non-memberships section, Select the Forum you have a follower in, and click Join Selected/Submit (at the bottom of the list). Additionally, you can also leave the groups in the same section.

Avlis Deific Theory

There is a hierarchy of beings on Avlis.

Mortals are the obvious ones. They live and die like anything else, and they can be killed by just about anything with enough power... and some things without so much power.

When a mortal attains a very large amount of power, as well as the attention of the gods, they may sometimes be transformed into an Immortal. Immortals never die of age or sickness. But they can be killed normally, however, this may prove to be an almost impossible task. Weaklings don't become immortal. Only the very powerful and influential can ever even hope to attain this.

Some Immortals choose to just live forever in comfort and relative inactivity. But, others sometimes try for more. Sometimes those who follow an Immortal, i.e. their henchmen or soldiers, may become very fanatical in their devotion. This fanaticism can spread sometimes under the right conditions, especially if there are a lot of charismatic followers who can convince normal laymen of their leader's greatness. Once the number of these people who idolize and devote their lives to this leader gets up into the thousands, the leader starts to notice subtle changes in his or her abilities. They become stronger and gain some very magical qualities. They can still be killed, but they begin to find that it takes an Immortal to kill them or even another Hero. Petty physical attacks hurt, but they don't seem to produce any lasting damage.

As the number of followers increases, the Hero begins to change further. By this time, there are tens of thousands of followers, and they are now outwardly worshipping the Hero.... it is at this point that the Hero becomes a Demigod. He's immediately approached by Mikon and led to a new home on another plane. But he soon finds that he is able to send small pieces of himself, once in a while, back to his old home. These pieces are called avatars and they are very powerful in and of themselves, but nowhere near as powerful as the Demigod. The new deity now finds that nothing can kill it, except another deity of higher stature... meaning a Lesser, Intermediate, or Greater god. The demigod also finds that it can function in two places simultaneously fairly easily.

As the number of followers of a Deity increases, or as the Deity gains power in other new ways available to it, its status also increases. Demigods can become Lesser gods who can become Intermediate gods who can become rarely... Greater gods.

Greater gods in the sphere of Avlis all answer to The Supreme, although the role of this entity is almost non-existent.

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Gorethar O'Ma Dru'El
Gorethar O'Ma Dru'El
Toran Mikon Forian
Toran Mikon Forian
Valok Aarilax Maleki
Valok Aarilax Maleki

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