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This page contains OOC information.

Holy Symbols and Robes

Holy symbols and robes exist for all faiths of Avlis. Yes, every single god has now its own holy symbol and robe. These aren't made just for divine casters (Clerics and Druids) but for all faithful, with alignment being the only restriction.

The current holy symbols and robes have toolset values similar to the values allowed to Avlis guilds, depending on the God's power. eg. the Great Nine have a maximum value of 5000, the Lesser Gods 3000, and the Demi-Gods etc 1000.

All the robes are now plot and none have charged or single use abilities anymore. They are either skill/ability bonuses, extra feats or x/day abilities.

Special Ability (Merge)

Each and every one of those robes and holy symbols has a special ability (merge) that can be used unlimited times per day. When you have one of them on you can activate the ability and target a non-plot item of the same type in your inventory. i.e. you can target amulets for holy symbols and robes/armors for holy robes.

On using the special ability to target an item, you will receive a notification with the required cost. If the cost is agreeable, target the item again to complete the merge. When you do, you will lose gold equal to two times* the toolset value of the targeted item and the item will disappear from your inventory.

The holy robe/amulet will have absorbed all abilities and bonuses from the targeted item and will keep those along with the powers it already had. The new holy robe/item keeps its name and description and the only thing that really changes is that it now has the special abilities of the absorbed item. It is also plot so there is no concern about losing it or getting it looted after dying.

Keep in mind that if two items give the same type of bonus, only the highest number will count. So if you merge an item that gives +5 to move silently with a holy item that gives +4 to move silently, you will only receive a +5 bonus in total, and not +9.

Important: You cannot keep adding abilities to a holy symbol or robe. Every time you merge a new item into one the old items properties will be lost (and so will the item) and only the new properties and the holy item's properties will be kept.

* - Note: The same applies for Holy Warrior regalia; it costs two times the toolset value to merge (used to be five).

Convert other Player Characters

If you play a cleric and have 10 or more cleric levels, you can use your holy symbol to convert other characters. Use the special function on the necklace and target another PC. This PC will then begin a conversation asking if they would like to convert to whichever faith you are. If they say yes, their deity field is changed, and they will get holy robes and a holy symbol created in their inventory.

How to Obtain Holy Robes and Symbols

You get the holy robes and holy symbol for each faith when you convert to that deity automatically. You can also ask a DM with free time to hand them over to you.

Finally, keep in mind that the gods aren't very happy to see people use their holy symbols if they're not really their followers.

Wieldable Holy Symbols

Hand-held holy symbols exist to channel priests' prayers. See Cleric Holy Symbols for more details.

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