Deific Chart

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Name Deity Alignment Worshipers' Alignment Mantle (Area of Control) Deity status
Aarilax NE NE Murder, Lizard Men & Sahuagin Greater Avlissian
Alifanitax CE Any Evil Chaos, Knowledge Demon Lord
Andrinor CN Any Mortal Magic Intermediate
Angadar LE Any non-chaotic Drangonari Elves, Arcane Knowledge, Deceit & Trickery, Psionics Intermediate
Aryeh Gidol LN Any Wemic Wemics Demigod
Balgar N Any Wemic Wemics Demigod
Berryn NG NG Spring, & Halflings Lesser
Blibdoolpoolp NE Any Sahuagin or Lizard Man Sahuagin & Lizard Men Greater
Bobil LN Any Physical Strength & Brute Force Demigod
Cha'reth CG Any Good Healing and Peace Demigod
Clangeddin LG Any Dwarf or Gnome Dwarves & Blacksmiths Greater
Corellon Larethian CG Any good Elves & Battle Greater
Dagath N Any Death & Rebirth Intermediate
Dead Dreamer NE Any Evil Death, Knowledge, Magic, Evil Pseudo-Deities
Dra'Nar NG Any good Heroes & Orphans Lesser
Dre'Ana NG Any good or neutral female Warrior Maidens Lesser
Dru'El CG NG & CG Elves & Nature Greater Avlissian
Evrak NE Any Evil Suffering, Strife, Famine Demigod
Fegall CN Any Chaotic or Gnome Craftsmen & Gnomes Lesser
Forian CN CN Changelings, Chaos Greater Avlissian
Gorethar LG LG Dwarves, Craftsmen, Warriors of Goodness Greater Avlissian
Gruumsh CE Any evil Orcs Greater
(The) Harpinger CE Any Music, Messenger of Death Demigod
Hurine LN Merchants Trade Lesser
Ingoren N Any Sailors, Ocean Intermediate
Kelvos NE Any Lost Love, Star Crossed Lovers, Envy, Lost Causes, Lust Demigod
Keros NE Any Survival Demigod
Kimonictinus CE Any Evil Chaos, Death, Earth Demon Lord
Kuthos CE Any Evil Chaos, War Demon Lord
Maleki CE CE Giant-Kin, Hatred, Slaughter & Disease Greater Avlissian
Mikon N Any Humans & Balance Greater Avlissian
Mishlekh CG CG Wine Intermediate
Naren N Any Performers and the Arts Demigod
O'Ma NG Any good Fairy Races & Forests Greater Avlissian
Paragus LE Any Minotaur Minotaurs Demigod
Pelar NG Any good/TN/NE Hunting & Rangers Demigod
Ptah N Any Travel Greater
Qinoxitl CE CE Madness, Circular Logic, Unknowable Thoughts, Confusion Pseudo-Deities
Ra-Ghul CN Any Chaotic Unorganized Warfare, Frenzied Combat, Berserkers Demigod
Senath LN Any Lawful Strategy Lesser
Sharistracterus CE Any Evil Scheming, evil, conniver Demon Lord
Skern N N or CG Centaurs, Community, Natural Balances Lesser
Stephanus NE Any Evil Finesse Demigod
The'ton LE Any Evil Fear, Intimidation Demigod
Ti'si'faan NG Any Good Sun Lesser
Titania N Any Fairy Titanian Fairies Greater
Tobin N Any Dracon Dracon Greater
Toran LN LN Dracon & Soldiers Greater Avlissian
Valok LE Lawful Orcs, Politics & Intrigue Greater Avlissian
Verossa CE Any Chaotic Natural Destruction Lesser
Vorin N Any Knowledge and Information Lesser
Wilsash NE Any Evil Moon, Nightmares Lesser
Xenon CE Any Lycanthrope Lycanthropes Demigod
Yeraiah N Any Female Fertility, Femininity, & Strength Lesser
Zhitaril NE Any evil Undeath, Undead Demigod