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Deific Chart


Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Worshippers' Alignment: Any Evil

Clerics' Alignment: Within one step of Chaotic Evil

Clerical Domains: Chaos, Death, Earth

The rise of Kimonictinus began when he was summoned to Avlis as a lowly dretch demon by some unknown Tanar'ri during the prehistoric years ruled by the spirit folk, when the Negerai Prime was ravaging the land mercilessly. When the battle that would ultimately crown the creation of Avlis and begin the age of mortal beings broke out, the Negerai Prime became an invincible deity and was immediately wrapped up in brutal combat with the Nine. Through a miraculous series of events (that some believe were orchestrated by the Supreme itself), the dretch known as Kimonictinus found what could not be found: the Black Dagger. Being greedy for power like any other Tanar'ri, he seized the opportunity and wielded the horrific artifact and slayed the Negerai Prime forever, leaving the Nine in power to this day. Most believe that shortly after that the Supreme removed the Black Dagger from Kimonictinus and spirited it away to a location that this time many swear can truly not be found. Unfortunately for the multitudes, mere possession of such a powerful item leaves the ex-wielder changed forever. By wielding the infinite destructive influence of the Black Dagger, Kimonictinus was no longer a mere dretch, but a powerful super demon, the first Demon Lord.

More than that, the deities of Avlis, especially Mikon, found that they could only contain Kimonictinus and not banish or kill him, for fear of causing irreparable harm to the planet. Their only choice was to set Kimonictinus down in the Underdark, where he eventually corrupted his Adomkuro and kharakuro jailers into following him loyally. Now, Kimonictinus remains the most powerful Demon Lord in the Underdark, and many covet his power. Some of these folk show their avarice by worshiping him, and some show it by opposing him, and in many instances dying because of him.

The church of Kimonictinus worships him like serfs, mercenaries, and greedy magicians would fawn over a despotic monarch. As a Demon Lord, Kimonictinus does not control any aspect of nature or other deific type of influence. He merely seeks to conquer the caverns below ground before extending his power to the surface once more, as he tried to long ago. His philosophy is simple: complete loyalty must be paid by those who wish to serve him. All others will be eliminated and conquered, and the Demon Lords and their spawn are at the top of this list, for those kills restore him more of his original power, which he covets endlessly.