The Nine Major Gods

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Gorethar | O'Ma | Dru'El | Toran | Mikon | Forian | Valok | Aarilax | Maleki
Clangeddin Silverbeard | Titania | Corellon Larethian | Tobin | Ptah | Gruumsh | Blibdoolpoolp

The nine major gods came from another plane of existence. Eight of the nine which were humans, while one Valok was an elf. They attained godhood upon touching an artifact in Avlis called the Eternal Spark, and thus became Avlis' first indigenous deities. Each god's alignment corresponds to one of the nine AD&D alignments, and each god is the patron deity of a race he created on Avlis to worship him.

Gorethar O'Ma Dru'El
Toran Mikon Forian
Volok Aarilax Maleki