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Player Feedback

Where the Avlis Rules and available Systems information may not be sufficient, the Avlis players are encouraged to direct questions to The Avlis Team. This can be done through the Ask the Team subforum, part of the Avlis forum space, or contact the team directly as detailed in How to Contact the Team.

Bug Tracker

The Avlis Bug Tracker is a vital part of keeping the Avlis environment functioning as intended. Any Avlis player is welcome to create an account at the Bug Tracker and alert the Creation Control Centre & Quality Assurance groups (CCC & QA) for potential issues via the standardized form submissions (bug reports).

If your bug submission contains spoilers / sensitive information, please contact The Avlis Team with a private message to the Admin Staff group on the Avlis Forum.

Player's Idea Box

Any Avlis player has the opportunity to bring their own ideas regarding the NeverwinterNights incarnation of Avlis via the Player's Idea Box forum.
This forum is reserved for suggestions and discussion of said suggestions (see: Player's Idea Box - Rules for more information).