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Basic Outline

The Avlis Loot Drop System primarily focuses on feeding into the player economy through merchant sellable items (rare), gold and recyclable goods. Some dungeons have their own custom drops.

   * Base drop percentage is 10% (vs. gold).
   * Additional Bonus to Percentage Based on CR or type of treasure chest.
   * Overall Drop Percentage is therefore 5% + 1%/CR up to 25%. (Capped for high CR creatures)
   * Value of the Drop is based on an 8 category system similar to the XP system.
   * Categories are delineated by every 5 CR categories.
   * Creatures' loot drops are based on an individualized percentage drop depending on racial type.

Dynamic Placeable Loot System

Frequently abbreviated to DPLS. Implemented in 2019 Link

DPLS Drop Items

The following items are available from the common loot table for placeables:

   * Available: Melee & ranged weapons, armor (including helms & shields), and accessories (items you can equip: gloves, bracers, belts, boots, rings, amulets, and cloaks).

As soon as a player opens a container, an item type and an item property are randomly determined. The power level of the item property depends on the loot level. The item properties depend on the type of item.

DPLS No Drop Items

The following items are no longer available from the common loot table for placeables & can be obtained via the Crafting System, custom dungeon (non-DPLS) or creature loot.

   * Unavailable: Ammunition. Crafting reagents. Gems. Potions. Scrolls. Traps.
   * Available to PCs Level 10 and under: Healers kits. Curative potions. 

DPLS Excluded Container Types

   * Bookshelves are excluded from DPLS, as they continue to spawn books.


Q: What do you mean by "placeables"?

A: Placeables are containers such as barrels, cabinets, chests, crates, desks, loot bags, weapon racks and more.

Q: What do you mean by "common loot table"?

A: In the List of dungeons, locales great and small may have loot specifically tailored for their environs. Most of them, however, will use a loot database table common to all placeables on Avlis. Hence "common".

Q: I have feedback about this system.

A: Please add it to the Dynamic Loot Feedback thread on the Avlis forums.