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To have your character preform emotive actions, or to do dice rolls, either for other players to see, or just to the DM channel, go in your character's radial menu, and click on the bioware crafting option.

The emote radial allows players to do standard and non-standard emotes, make skill checks, saving throws and other dice rolls, save their character, and create placeables that aid in role playing.

If you go to your radial menu and press your Crafting Skills button, a dialogue will appear with all of the standard emote wand functions and a lot more. This emote radial can be added to a quick slot.

[ 1. ] Create an item

Creating temporary placeables

1. A Tent
2. A Campfire (Can be used as a trash can)
3. A cook fire with cauldron.
4. A cook fire with a spit.
5. A Bed Roll
*. A summoning circle (Option will appear to spellcasters only)
6. Remove nearest tent, campfire or bedroll.
7. Previous
8. Exit

[ 2. ] Emote

These are quick emotes (they will exit after they are selected)

1. Sit on the Floor
2. Sit in the nearest seat
3. Worship
4. Meditate / Pray
5. Read
6. Drink
7. Sleep face down
8. Fall backwards
9. Sit on the floor and Read
10. Previous
11. Exit

[ 3. ] Emote by Category

1. Movement
2. Greeting
3. Conversation
4. Joy
5. Anger
6. Intimate
7. Sleepy
8. Mystical or Spiritual
9. Miscellaneous (read, sit, drink, sing...)
10. Previous
11. Exit

[ 4. ] A dice roll

1. Roll a Save
2. Roll an Ability Check
3. Roll a Skill Check (A-Discipline)
4. Roll a Skill Check (Heal-Perform)
5. Roll a Skill Check (Persuade-Z)
6. Roll Multiple Dice
7. Roll a Single Die
8. Toggle Modes (Public/Private)
9. Previous
10. Exit

[-.] Crafting

1. Review Crafting Skills
2. Previous
3. Exit

[5.] Save my Location

1. Save Character & Location

[6.] Configuration

1. Calculate Avlis IG Time
2. Review Crafting Skills
3. Menu always starts from "main"
4. Menu always starts from "emote by category"
5. Menu start is automatic
6. Display Information (Displays the current versions of the Avlis systems running on this particular server)
7. Log Report (Bug tracker related feature)
8. Previous
9. Exit

[7.] Special functions

1. Advanced Magic
2. Summon Creature
3. Pale Master Abilities
4. Unstick Location
5. Fix Ultravision bug (Removes Blinded effect)
6. Previous
7. Exit

[8.] Grant Permission

1. Allow/Block Intimate Emotes
2. Accept/Refuse Telekinesis offered items
3. Previous
4. Exit

[9.] Exit


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