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Summon control feature description (SumC)

This feature allows the character to choose the creature to appear when casting Summon Creature 1-9.

Characters with the Animal domain will no longer get summons from one level above. Instead they get a slight increase in power on the selected creature. For obvious reasons this applies to animal creatures only.

As a subpart of this feature it also allows palemasters to choose the undead for PM ability 'Summon undead' and 'Summon greater undead'.

Creature selection

The selection is done per spell level via the emote menu under special functions.
Creature selection is stored persistently and so remembered between logins.
Only characters able to cast the given spell can make selections. That means UMD does not make you a caster.

Due to engine mechanics it is not possible to change selection during combat.

If no selection have been made the system will auto-select for casters. The system will attempt to find a creature close to the casters alignment within the spell level. If no close match is found it defaults to a neutral creature.

Items such as rods, scrolls etc. able to cast the spell always get the default summon. The exception to this is when used by a caster who is able to cast the spell on his own. The IC explanation for this is that someone who truly understands the spell can also manipulate the spell even when cast using an item. The selection is then the same as for cast spells.

Druids and Rangers have a slightly different list of creatures than that for arcane casters and Clerics. This mostly applies to creatures that are unsuitable for a nature person to summon.


See spell descriptions in Interactive Player Library for a basic creature list. (Arcane)
Summon Creature I, Summon Creature II, Summon Creature III, Summon Creature IV, Summon Creature V, Summon Creature VI, Summon Creature VII, Summon Creature VIII, Summon Creature IX


As always, treat creature stats, properties etc in character in game and do not post details of these on the boards.