Junk Processing

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Junk Processors

Junk Processors are scattered throughout the servers in the Recycling Centers. They will accept some Aberration Parts, Vermin Pieces, Dried Oozes, Hides and Broken Weapons you collect from adventuring.

You have two options when using the Junk Processor:

  1. Use the processor to turn the materials into crafting components. Parts, Pieces, Oozes and Hides will yield "Organic" components, while Broken Weapons will yield "Inorganic" components.
  2. Sell the Parts, Pieces, Oozes, Hides or Weapons directly to the Junk Processing NPC.

Note: Parts, Pieces, Oozes and Hides that are not accepted by the Junk Processor (they have different appearances and names, and are better quality) are accepted by other NPCs with their own role in the Avlis Recycling System.

See also: Survivalism is another way to make use of Abberation Parts and Dried Oozes.