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See also: List of acronyms (NWN Wiki) and General MMORPG Terms (and their abbreviations).

Abbreviations, including contractions, acronyms, and initialisms, that are related to Avlis, or used by its players:

Abbrev. Full Wording (with extra details)
AAA Academy of the Advanced Arcane
AAAA Avlis Arms & Armour Association
ACE Avlis Carpentry Enterprises
AFAIK as far as I know
AFK away from keyboard
AJA Avlis Jeweler's Association
AKN The Guild for Advancement of Knowledge in Nature
AM Area Manager (deprecated, see: CCC)
AoMM Academy of Mortal Magic
ASK Avlis Side Kick
AT area transition
ATU Avlis Tower University
CCC Creation Control Centre
CE chaotic evil
CG chaotic good
CN chaotic neutral
CODI City of Doors Initiative
CoPaP Confederation of Planes & Planets
CRPG computer role-playing game
CvC character versus character (see also: Rules)
CvE character versus environment (see also: PvE)
DPLS Dynamic Placeable Loot System
DnD Dungeons and Dragons (also D&D)
ECL effective character level
ELC enforce legal character
FEAT Ferrell Exploration And Adventuring Troupe
FOIG find out in game (may also refer to FOIG, Inc.)
FoM Forest of Midnight
HEAL hazardous environment, alchemical laboratory
HotU Hordes of the Underdark
IC in character (see also: In-character on the NWN Wiki)
IG in game
IIRC if I recall correctly, or if I remember correctly
ILR item level restriction
IMHO in my humble opinion, or in my honest opinion
IMO in my opinion
IRC Internet Relay Chat
LE lawful evil
LG lawful good
LN lawful neutral
LRC Lost River Caverns
MC Module Coordinator (deprecated, see: CCC)
MMORPG massively multiplayer online role-playing game
NE neutral evil
NG neutral good
NPC non-player character
NWN Neverwinter Nights
NWNCX Neverwinter Nights Client Extender
NWNTX Neverwinter Nights Toolset Extender
NWNX Neverwinter Nights Extender
OOC out of character (see also: Out-of-character on the NWN Wiki)
OoG Order of Gorethar
OoO Order of O'Ma
OotD Order of the Dragon
OoV Order of Valok
PC player character
PH player housing
PJ PlasmaJohn
PM personal message, or private message
PnP pencil-and-paper (or pen-and-paper) role-playing game
PRC Player Resource Consortium
PrC prestige class (see also: Prestige class on the NWN Wiki)
PvE player versus environment, or player versus enemy
PvM player versus monster, or player versus mob (see also: PvE)
PvP player versus player (see also: PvP on Wikipedia, PvP vs. CvC and Rules)
PW persistent world
QA Quality Assurance
RPotM Role Player of the Month
SoT Sword of Toran
SoU Shadows of Undrentide
TN true neutral
TPK total party kill (see also: Achievements)
TTYL talk to you later
XP Experience point(s) (see also: Experience System)