The Forest of Midnight

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Location of the Forest of Midnight

"The ghost raven at the entrance has seen every notable person of Southern Avlis."

Krator Blackfist on The Forest of Midnight

The Forest of Midnight is an area that has been separated from the Nation of T'Nanshi by mystical forces, to confine the undead that dwell within. Nothing grows in this ominous woodland, and the living enter it at their own peril. The one entrance can be found in the borderlands of Elysia, though the City does not lay claim to it, nor does it enforce laws there.

Both undead and lycanthropes dwell within, notably vampires, ghouls, doom knights, spectres, spirits, occasionally liches. Werewolves are the dominant species of lycanthrope found within the Forest's reaches. Occasionally other types of undead have been encountered there.

A tale told by the spirit of a trapped druid deep in the Forest tells of an evil elven woman, who wished to take over T'Nanshi, and worked on creating an army of undead to do so. She was stopped, but in the process, the magics used created the Forest of Midnight, trapping the undead within it. To this day, the Forest of Midnight does not see the light of the sun, and undead flourish within it, unable to escape.