Ammunition Management System

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Systems and Tools

Available Commands

/ammo toggle
/ammo queue
/ammo combat
/ammo clear

  • To enable manual management of ammunition:
→ Issue the command /ammo toggle

  • To select a bag or stack (this can be done while in combat as well):
1. Select it with Player Tool 10 (Right click on your avatar > Special Abilities > Primary class > Player Tool 10)
2. Issue the command /ammo queue
Note: The selected item must be in your inventory.

  • Queueing

There are currently two separate queues, one for the container mode and one for the tag-based.

Container mode: Only supports containers. Is not persistent and will need to be reset if you for any reason lose the container or leave a server.

When ammunition runs out the queued container will be used when searching for more of the same type (arrow, bolt, ... See: Ammunition Types).

Tag-based modes: Only supports ammunition. Is completely persistent and settings remains through death, server transitions and crashes.

Has sub-queues for each type of ammunition. This means it's possible to queue, for example, both arrows and bullets. When ammunition runs out the tag of the last queued ammunition of the same type will be used, if such has been queued, when searching the inventory.

  • Selection:

When ammunition is exhausted, no more queued ammunition is found and when using any mode but Bioware default:

/ammo combat
→ If toggled off: Does not fall back to Bioware selection mode and stops firing.
→ If toggled on: Falls back to Bioware selection mode and continues firing.

If combat is resumed before you have equipped a new stack of ammunition, be it manually, due to AoOs or otherwise, BioWare selection will be used (even if you have queued more ammunition) and combat will not be automatically ended until this stack runs out (if you did not queue more ammunition).

/ammo clear
→ Reverts to BioWare default selection, clears all queues and toggles continued combat on.

  • Ammunition Types

The following types are supported:

- Arrows
- Bolts
- Bullets
- Darts
- Shurikens
- Throwing axes