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An important, strategic part of the Kurathene War System is the configuration of the soldiers defending the land. Each fief is allowed 20 different configurations of soldiers, five each in four different categories: fighter, cleric, rogue, and wizard. One of these 20 configurations is allowed to be a PRC and all soldiers have equipment standards. These soldiers are then used to configure the ten deployment levels, based on the total value of each soldier. The deployment level then determines what soldiers will spawn into each primary area.

Soldier Categories

Each fief is allowed up to 20 different configurations of soldiers at any given time. These configurations can be changed through the toolset, through the Web-Based War Room (when completed), and possibly in-game (if that system is created). These 20 soldier configurations are divided into four categories with five soldiers per category: fighter, cleric, rogue, and wizard. IMPORTANT: A soldier's class does NOT have to exactly match the category under which it falls. For example, a fief may have a Ranger under the fighter class or a sorcerer in the Wizard class. These categories are primarily used when placing spawn points to allow separate positioning of soldiers. One type per category can multi-class into a class that is not normally allowed in its category. So, you could have one fighter/rogue in the fighter category or a Rogue/Ranger/Bard in the Rogue category. You may also have ONE soldier type in your army that uses a PRC. For fiefs where it is appropriate, this is a Holy Warrior. Otherwise, it is a Weapon Master. No other PrCs will be allowed.

Soldier configurations are determined by what is appropriate for the fief. If there is no reason to have druids in the armed forces, then druids should not be used. Same goes for monks. Those two classes in particular should probably be rather rare. The costs represented per class is the cost to have this soldier in any of your deployment levels. The information below details the cost and configuration of the different categories.


The fighter category represents the basic foot soldier. This might be fighters, rangers, barbarians (if allowed), or a combat PRC (like a weaponmaster). Fighters are the most inexpensive soldier to equip and train, represented by the cost per level for these soldiers:


  • 400gp/level for lvl 1-10
  • 500gp/level for lvl 11-15
  • 600gp/level for lvl 16-20

For example, a 5th level Fighter is worth 2000gp, a 13th level Ranger is worth 6500, and a 20th level fighter (the highest level allowed in soldiers) is worth 12000gp. Remember these values are normally only used for configuring deployment levels and not the hit to the fief's coffer if one of these soldiers dies. Money is only deducted from the coffer if the soldiers dies while acting as a henchman to a PC of the fief.


The rogue category represents scouts, archers, or any soldier trained in stealth. This might include bards, rogues, or a multi-classed fighter trained in scouting.


  • 600gp/level for lvl 1-10
  • 700gp/level for lvl 11-15
  • 800gp/level for lvl 16-20

For example, a 5th level Rogue is worth 3000gp, a 15th level Bard is worth 8500gp, and a 20th level Rogue is worth 16000gp.


The cleric category obviously represents the army-associated clerics and priests of the fiefs. This may also include druids, if appropriate or a multi-classed cleric.


  • 800gp/level for lvl 1-10
  • 900gp/level for lvl 11-15
  • 1000gp/level for lvl 16-20

For example, a 5th level Druid is worth 4000gp, a 15th level Cleric is worth 13500gp, and a 20th level Cleric is worth 20000gp.


The wizard category represents the fief army's arcane spell casters and may include wizards, sorcerers, or any multi-classed arcane spell caster. SPELL LEVEL NOTE: Arcane casters may never memorize spells higher then 7th level due to the limitations of Andrinor's trust. Metamagic-adjusted spells may be placed in 8th or 9th level slots, but an 8th or 9th level spell may NEVER be memorized by a soldier.


  • 1000gp/level for lvl 1-10
  • 1100gp/level for lvl 11-15
  • 1200gp/level for lvl 16-20

For example, a 5th level Wizard is worth 5000gp, a 15th level Sorcerer is worth 16500gp, and a 20th level Wizard is worth 24000gp. These higher prices represent the extra training required to master the arcane arts.

Deployment Levels

Deployment Level Values
Level Total Value
1 10,000gp
2 15,000gp
3 20,000gp
4 35,000gp
5 50,000gp
6 65,000gp
7 80,000gp
8 100,000gp
9 125,000gp
10 150,000gp

The term "deployment level" refers to a number (1-10) that represents the maximum cost of the total soldiers deployed to that area (subsector). Think of these as DEFCON levels: Level 1 has the fewest or least experienced soldiers assigned to guard that subsector and level 10 has the most elite soldiers guarding an area. Deployment levels are set per subsector, though the fief wand allows whole sector deployment adjustments for fast changes. The total value for each deployment level are listed below.